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Taliban increases violence amid peace talks in Qatar

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following start of intra-Afghan negotiations between Afghanistan government and Taliban in Qatar, Afghanistan defense and security organs say no reduction in violence has been seen since starting the talks between the two sides. They have reported that violence is in the high level in various parts of the country.
According to the country’s defense and security organs, negotiations between Afghanistan government and Taliban should further focus on reduction in violence as starting the talks have put no positive impacts in the ground, instead violence has increased.
“For the past 24 hours, Taliban fighters have attacked on Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) in 19 provinces particularly Faryab, Balkh, Jowzjan, Ghor, Badghis, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Herat and Ghazni and some other provinces where their attacks were repulsed by Afghan defense and security forces,” said Fawad Aman, a spokesperson to Ministry of Defense (MoD).
He stressed on reduction in violence by the Taliban as negotiating teams of both Afghanistan government and Taliban were in Qatar to resolve all issues through negotiations, but unfortunately violence has increased since the start of the talks in Doha.
Meanwhile, officials in northern part of the country say Taliban attacks on security posts have increased recently. Balkh was once a secure province in the past, but recently Taliban fighters have increased their activities and launched a range of attacks on security posts in the province.
“After 5,000 prisoners of Taliban were released from government prisons, violence increased in Chamtal, Nahr-e-Shahi, Chaharbolak, Dawlatabad, Shortepa and Sholgara districts of Balkh,” said Farhad Munir, a spokesperson to Balkh governor. He added that peace talks would never get success until they stop violence and joined peace process.
In northern Faryab province, Taliban fighters have also increased their attacks on security posts recently.
Governor of the province Naqibullah Fayeq says Taliban obeys no rules and principles as they stepped up their attacks on ANDSF, while negotiations have started for ending the ongoing conflicts in the country.
“Unfortunately Taliban launched their attacks on Sherin Tagab district of the province where their attacks were repulsed by ANDSF,” Fayeq said, adding that they will reach peace when Taliban stops violence in the country.
Jowzjan is another province where reports of increasing violence by Taliban have reached here. A spokesperson to Jowzjan governor Abdul Maroof Azar says Taliban fighters have launched a range of attacks from various parts of the province on security posts, which was repulsed by ANDSF. He added that dozens of Taliban fighters including Mawlavi Mohammad Shah and the group’s judge have been killed and wounded in the attacks.
Meanwhile, Taliban fighters have also launched their attacks on Uruzgan, one of insecure provinces in the country’s south. According to a spokesperson to provincial governor Zergai Ebadi, Taliban armed fighters have launched their attacks on the province but responded by the country’s brave defense and security forces.
Also, Taliban attacked a base of Afghan National Army (ANA) in Shah Wali Kot district of Kandahar province Sunday night.
Local officials said that Taliban gunmen launched coordinated attack against an ANA base in Zangitan area of Shah Wali Kot district. According to the source, Taliban gunmen were targeted in airstrike during the clash. The source added that dozens of Taliban fighters were killed and wounded in the attacks.
This comes amid of efforts towards maintaining ceasefire in the country as the negotiating team of Afghanistan government has put maintaining of ceasefire and reduction in violence as top priorities for talks with the Taliban group.

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