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Taliban hidden in civilian houses in Ghazni: Army Chief

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KABUL: Afghanistan’s Army Chief of Staff Mohammad Sharif Yaftali held a press conference on Sunday afternoon and said all key government facilities in Ghazni city were under government control but that operations were moving slowly as Taliban insurgents were hidden in civilian homes.
He said that the security forces had been prepared for such an attack and that there had been a heavy military presence in the province when the Taliban launched their attack.Yaftali called on Ghazni residents to cooperate with security forces and not to give the Taliban shelter in their homes. 
Meanwhile with no communication lines working, very little information has been coming out of the city. Some reports indicate however that clashes have intensified in the past few hours and that Afghan forces intensified their counter attacks and inflicted heavy casualties upon Taliban insurgents.
Taliban attacked Ghazni City at around 1am Kabul time on Friday.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.