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Taliban fires rockets at coalition military base in Khost


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: A joint military base of foreign and Afghan forces in eastern Khost province was targeted in a rocket attack by Taliban insurgents on Tuesday, sources said.
The Taliban confirmed it fired off rockets at the old airport in Khost city.
The group claimed that the attack left “heavy casualties and financial loss” to the forces stationed in the airport.
A Taliban spokesman released a video that shows two militants launching rockets. “Rockets hit exact targets,” the Taliban said.
The Khost Provincial Forces (KPF), however, stated that the Taliban targeted their base which also houses foreign forces.
“Taliban fired indiscriminate rocket missiles on the military headquarters of coalition forces in Khost city in violation of Doha agreement,” read a statement by the KPF.
The Doha agreement, signed in February last year between the US and the Taliban stipulates that the Taliban refrain from carrying out any attacks against foreign troops based in the country.
According to the KPF, foreign troops are stationed at the facility and that the Taliban’s attack indicates “the group is not committed to peace.” Photographs were also shared of the attack by the KPF – which said in its statement “the Taliban’s rockets did not hit the base but a residential area close to the base.”

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.