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Taliban don’t want peace, but fueling war and violation


By: M. W. Qasemi

The Taliban group, who are now in peace talks with the US’s representative for Afghanistan reconciliation, has intensified war in various parts of the country.
Since peace talks is going on and another phase is expected to be held, as an intra-Afghan dialogue in the near future, the Taliban side should have observed ceasefire, as a key element to help the process get success. But vice versa, they are intensifying violence and creating fear and dread among the people.
They are intentionally resorting in the killing innocent people and spare no effort to torture ordinary people, everywhere, they find under the pretext of having link with the government or being in some extent affiliated with any of the government institutions.
Yesterday, the Taliban insurgents attacked the capital of northern Kunduz province, from several directions of Khanabad Port, Charkhab, Imam Sahib Port and Seh Darak, where they killed and displaced wide number of the area residents.
The militants killed over 20 people, mostly civilians, during their attacks in the Durqad and Baharak districts of northern Takhar province.
In other parts of the country, the group spared no effort to kill and wound ordinary citizens and destroy public facilities.
Elsewhere in Kandahar city, the rebels stormed Maruf district, where they killed several people including security personnel who were not deployed against them.
While the peace process is still going on with the US representative, Zalmay Khalilzad, the Taliban instead of showing flexibility, fuel war and violence across the country.
The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has opened the door of peace to the entire armed oppositions and welcomes anyone who wanted to join their ordinary lives, but the rebels should realize that the country’s security forces can respond seriously to the enemies of the country.
As witnessed the country’s security and defense forces have pushed back all insurgencies and thwarted the enemy’s momentum everywhere happened.
In many battlegrounds, they have proved that they can resist and suppress any poppet groups and win any proxy wars from all malicious circles which are being funded, trained and sent for destructive activities inside the country.
The brave armed forces of the country are proud of defending the country’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty and will not allow aliens and their linked groups to jeopardize the lives of the Afghan tribes and nations.
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is now stepping up for successfully holding the presidential election but, welcomes any peace deal which concludes in the interest of the people of Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.