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Taliban, Daesh clashes will not fall Afghan strategic areas

taliban fighters listen 1500 26 oct 2016

Afghanistan has always witnessed clashes between terrorist groups, but the country has also experienced bitter, unpleasant and presence of regional terrorists. The terrorist groups by changing their methods of combat cannot really put the country as center of their vicious goals.
Recently, Jawzjan local officials have reported of serious clashes between the Taliban group and Daesh in some parts of the province.
“Serious clashes erupted between the Taliban and Daesh in Jawzjan have enter its second weeks and as a result of which 300 fighters have been killed and wounded from both sides,” a spokesperson to Jawzjan governor Mohammad Raza Ghafoori said. He added that Taliban have suffered heavy casualties in the clashes. Ghafoori further said that Jawzjan’s Darzab district was a main hub of Daesh in northern Afghanistan and ongoing clashes between the two groups have caused that most of residents of the district left their homes.
In recent air strike conducted by Afghan air forces, Daesh fighters have been killed including a Tajikistani national, their network and communication appliances have been destroyed.
Besides activities of the Taliban group in the country, the activities of Islamic State – Khurasan in Afghanistan have raised concerns of Afghans. Clashes between the two groups have been repeatedly erupted in various parts of the country in particular Nangarhar and Jawzjan.
Afghanistan is facing with increasing threats posed by various terrorist groups as the Taliban group is considered as the most dangerous groups threatening national interests of the country. The group that is supported by some foreign countries in particular Pakistan has changed to a serious threat for the government and people of Afghanistan. By unprecedentedly increasing its mobilizations in most of provinces of the country the group is threatening security of a number of provinces although the group has not been able to fall a province and take complete control of a province so far. On the other hand, presence of the Khurasan section of the Islamic State (IS-K) is considered as the worst experience of terrorist groups in the country. Although the group is not able to conduct wides pread operations in Afghanistan, it is fully trying to terrorist the Afghan people. The group is mostly active in the country’s east.
What is the strategic plan of Daesh in Afghanistan and the region? It is believed that Afghanistan is not the last stop of Daesh fighters, but the group is planning to reach Central Asian countries and create threats beyond borders for northern neighboring countries of Afghanistan.
Daesh is supported by powers in the region. Currently, the group is focusing on recruitment of fighters from the Taliban group so that it can pose further threats to the respective countries. It is believed that Daesh should be suppressed in Afghanistan and not let the group increase its activities in the country as most of neighboring countries of Afghanistan have asked for cooperation in addressing threats posed by Daesh in Afghanistan.
Therefore, Afghanistan government should pay full consideration in this regard, or the group will probably reach its goals very soon and further insecure Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that IS Khurasan is the provincial division of the Islamic State designated for the nations of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan encompassed under a single jurisdictional authority, WilayatKhurasan.
Lailuma Noori

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