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Taliban continues violence, inhuman acts against Afghan nation

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Intense fighting in the southern Helmand province started on Saturday night when the Taliban launched coordinated attacks on a number of areas, in which hundreds of residents, in various districts and in areas on the outskirts of the provincial capital Lashkargah have fled their homes.
Meanwhile the heavy fighting and Taliban’s violence in southern Helmand province has overwhelmed the Boost Hospital in provincial capital with wounded patients.  In a tragic incident, a pregnant woman was shot on Sunday night by Taliban militants and the bullet killed her unborn child.
According to local officials, a stray bullet hit the pregnant woman and killed the baby and miraculously the mother survived and is now receiving maternal and surgical care after a life-saving operation in the hospital.
Besides to such inhuman act, Dorahi power plant in Helmand had also been destroyed by the Taliban – cutting power to parts of Helmand and Kandahar. According to local people, Taliban have stolen the electricity apparatus which was extending energy to the people’s houses.
Amid increasing national and international calls on Taliban to shun violence, the group has continued its bloodshed campaign against Afghan nation. Earlier Monday the US-Forces have conducted several targeted strikes in Helmand over the past two days to defend Afghan National Defense and Security Forces who have come under attack by the Taliban. US forces saying that Taliban has violated their Doha agreement with surge in violence across the country.
Meanwhile the president in his address to Helmand people, said that Taliban would pay heavy cost in their war in the southern province, reiterating government’s full support to the Afghan people and Lashkargah residents.
Despite signing peace deal with the United States, the Taliban militants have intensified their attacks against the Afghan government. The tragic aspect of the war in Afghanistan is highly salient since non-combatants sustained heavy casualties within the past two decades as the Taliban are unwilling to declare ceasefire or reduce their violence.
Afghans have called on the Taliban militants to stop violence against the Afghan government, especially as foreign troops are preparing to withdraw from the country and reduce violence. The consultative Loya Jirga that was held to discuss the release of Taliban prisoners, Afghans hope that the Taliban respect that Jirga’s decision and remove the existed barriers before the intra-Afghan talks.
It is clear that the violence and bloodshed will not lead to peace in Afghanistan and the Taliban will not win through the war strategy. The group should utilize the opportunity in Doha for lasting peace and stability in the war-torn country.
Taliban’s recent bloodshed across the country, martyring only Afghan people, as the group’s so-called Jihad has always been carried out against Afghans and in recent days it has been further limited to only Afghan killing.
The group should know that such approach won’t result to a positive solution in the ongoing war, rather people’s haters would be further increased and they would be one day fed up with such militancy and would massively took gun against them. We have seen such an approach by an Afghan girl that has killed to Taliban fighters in Ghor province after her parents were killed in a barbaric act by insurgents.

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