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Taliban continue waging war, violence: Deputy Interior Minister

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Despite the last one year of US-Taliban agreement, unfortunately Taliban still continue waging war and violence and victimizing innocent people on a daily basis, the Siddiq Siddiqi the Deputy Policy and Strategy Minister of Interior said.
“It clearly shows that the Taliban group doesn’t adhere to any principles or commitments of peace,” said the deputy interior minister.
In his latest statement on the Taliban militants’ attacks, Siddiqi said: “The Afghan government had released 6,100 Taliban prisoners, including 420 accused of smuggling and crime for the peace process and to end the illegitimate war in the country, but the militants continued to fighting and destroying the country and that they have no commitment to peace.”
He said peace process is a great step by the government of Afghanistan and shouldn’t be ignored and that the outfit should be held accountable for continuing the current war and violence, Siddiqui added.
“The people of Afghanistan have the right to know why this war is still going on, despite the release of 6,100 imprisoned Taliban,” said the deputy minister blaming the Taliban for not releasing government prisoners.
With the completion of the process, it was expected that at least the level of violence would decrease and that both sides would reach an agreement during the intra-Afghan negotiations, but apparently, several months after the process, there has been no reduction in violence, nor has the talks led to a political settlement in the country.
As the weather is getting warmer, fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban is escalating in many parts of the country and the Taliban are trying to overthrow some districts.
Meantime, some military experts negate the intensity of the fighting as the solution to the current turmoil in the country and said that the peace process should be strengthened instead of war.
The main factor behind the escalation of the current fighting between the two sides is the heated debate over peace talks, said Atiqullah Amarkhail, one of the country’s military experts.
“I think the escalation of war has link with the peace talks because there are complicated talks right now. Unfortunately, Afghans are being killed on both sides, but the outcome of the peace talks is still in a state of ambiguity,” the expert said.
Believing that war was not the solution, Amarkhail said that the Afghan government and the Taliban, instead of escalating war, should pave the way for peace talks and resolve the country’s crisis peacefully.
Expressing concern over the escalation of the Taliban attacks in a number of provinces, the House of People said that the security forces must reconsider their tactics in the face of Taliban attacks.
The house said although the security institutions are able to fight and counter the enemy and have been able to defend their people and their land in the most difficult conditions, they must reconsider their defense and security policies, or the enemy’s threats continue.
According to experts, the successive attacks of the opposition on the provinces of the country have caused the people to be distrustful of their future, so the only solution is the cooperation of the people with the security institutions and the implementation of the security plan by the forces to curb the opposition attacks.
The Taliban continue rising in violence against the people and the government of Afghanistan only to gain credit during the peace talks, and that they always target innocent people only under the order of their masters.
If the regional countries and the world want the Afghan peace process to resume and to have tangible results, they should hand over the management and leadership of this process to the Afghan government and support the inter-Afghan negotiations, the expert said.
The country’s security officials said they are still working to curb threats from insurgency in areas under the Taliban control. “We want to recapture the districts that are under the security threat of the armed oppositions during ground and air operations.”
In the mean time, efforts are underway to end the war and ensure peace in Afghanistan at the national and international levels, and some regional countries want to host Afghan peace meetings.

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