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Taliban carry out more than 1400 attacks since beginning of foreign troops withdrawal: NSC

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KABUL: Simultaneous with US and NATO troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, Taliban have also intensified their offensives and according to National Security Council (NSC) since the outset of troops withdrawal, Taliban have carried out over 1455 attacks.
In his fresh message to media, NSC spokesman Rahmatullah Andar said that Taliban have sustained heavy casualties while during the last month, ANDSF have prevented 64 explosions in different parts of the country.
Andar added that following the peace agreement between Taliban and the US, the group has strongly concentrated on continued wars instead of pursuing peace talks and as a result,  civilians have received heavy casualties.
Based on NSC information in recent week, 62 civilian were killed and 126 injured during Taliban attacks and roadside mine explosions in 27 provinces of the country that includes women and children.
Talking on Taliban relations with al-Qaeda, NSC spokesman Andar went on to say, ceasing Taliban relations with al-Qaeda is difficult because beside their common interests, these two have strong and profound ideological ties.
He added, the equation of Taliban power in Afghanistan has been mistakenly described and overestimated. “Now the Afghan are standing beside their system, its values and their security forces and not only Taliban, but no one else can impose a dictatorship on them.”
Prior to above-mentioned expressions of Afghanistan NSC, in its recent report, the UNSC has said that al-Qaeda presence in at least 15 Afghanistan provinces mainly in eastern, southern and southeastern regions have been confirmed.
Expressing concern on civilian casualties and increasing violence by Taliban, AIHRC has also said that most civilian casualties have been due to mine incidents.
Chairwoman of AIHRC Shahzad Akbar said that if Taliban are committed to prevent civilians casualties, they should stop use of mines and attacks.
Once again emphasizing on establishing of ceasefire, she said that both sides should continue peace talks instead of continuing of violence.
Recently, MoD authorities said that the Afghan Air Forces have carried out many operations against Taliban and al-Qaeda hideouts in Nava district, Helmand Province and inflicted heavy casualties on terrorists.
Expressing concern on Taliban increasing violences, the House Commission on Defence and Territorial Integrity Affairs said, according to current situation of Afghanistan, withdrawal of foreign troops is a source of concern, as their presence was based on an agreement in Afghanistan, their withdrawal should also take place responsibly.
Appreciating sincere struggle of ANDSF against terrorism, experts said, we witness their capability, ability and efficiency but they need further resources and equipment’s in the battlefields to enable them to foil enemies’ attacks and plans in its origin plus and further development of coordination is needed among ANDSF to suppress terrorists completely.
While the Afghan authorities talk on increasing Taliban attacks, peace efforts have been intensified with this faction at national and international arena.
Taliban’s increasing attacks show that they still don’t believe in Afghanistan and peace.
Based on a peace agreement with Taliban, the US and NATO have started their troops withdrawal since May 2021 and are expected to leave Afghanistan completely at the end of this year.
Suraya Raiszada

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