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Taliban cannot win through violence

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A car bomb and gunfighters targeting a military logistics depot in east Kabul wounded at least 65, including schoolchildren and women on Monday, according to officials. The Taliban have claimed the responsibility of the complex attack, which began with a thundering bomb blast heard throughout the city around 9 a.m., when the capital’s streets were filled with commuters.
Meanwhile, the Taliban suicide bombers have also martyred and wounded at least 19 people in an attack on a government office as the group continues to hold peace talks with US officials in Qatar to end the 18-years-long Afghanistan war. Taliban fighters rammed four armored vehicles packed with explosives into a government compound in Maruf district late on Saturday.
Eight election workers, who were stationed at the district center to register voters ahead of the presidential polls in September, were also martyred in the attack. The Taliban claimed responsibility for both attacks, which mostly targeted civilians and the innocent schoolchildren and women.
This is while that the seventh round of peace talks that got under way in the Qatari capital on Saturday is aimed at hammering out the fine print of an agreement that to bring lasting peace in the war-torn country. The agreement is also expected to provide guarantees that Afghanistan will not again harbor armed groups to carry out attacks worldwide.
Indeed, the series of attacks in Kabul and other provinces, which were claimed their responsibilities by the Taliban insurgents, aggravated more the sense of mistrust of a fruitful negotiation and shattered the public hope for a peaceful year. The diplomatic strategy for reducing violence, which was suggested widely, does not seem to be instrumental anymore. 
The Taliban has never shown tendency towards peace talks and continued their militancy campaign against the Afghan nation. For example, they carried out large-scale attacks on Afghan soil to demonstrate their power and show that they are the winner in the bloody game. The Afghan government’s message of peace and reconciliation was misconstrued.
It is believed that mistrust is generated by the Taliban’s intensified attacks. Notwithstanding the peace talks, the Taliban outfit continues its offensive against Afghan soldiers and civilians and refuse to hold talks with the Afghan government. In other words, the Taliban’s bargaining for higher price and their heavy attacks leave little room for trust.
The Taliban have constantly turned a deaf ear to the demands of Afghan nation. They turned down the public demands for talks and ceasefire. They have also constantly refused the demand of peace marchers, who were urging warring parties to stop war. 
Attacking public places, targeting children, women and civilians as a whole would not produce positive outcome for the Taliban militants, but rather would increase people hates against them. Meanwhile their attacks on civilians is a war crime and the international agencies should hold Taliban accountable for their bloody attacks.
As the Taliban are aware that Afghans are highly frustrated with their acts of violence and terror, they should no more continue their insurgency.  The Taliban have to use the current opportunity for supporting peace to avoid the public rage and do not miss this chance.
It is clear that if they continue the war for one decade more, they will not win. Hence, they had better stop the conflict and be integrated into the government’s body.

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