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Taliban can never return Afghanistan to monophonic society of 20 years ago with shutting down media: Wafayezada


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: In a written note on Tuesday, Acting Minister of Information and Culture Dr. Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada said that Taliban can never return Afghanistan to a monophonic society of 20 years ago with shutting down media activities.
“The Taliban and Daesh have been silencing the young generation of Afghanistan for twenty years. Bloody attacks on journalists and the media, universities, training courses, schools, streets and townships, wedding halls and public gatherings are all an order of silence by the terror group,” he said in a Facebook post, published through the Ministry of Information and Culture page.
Minister Wafayezada went on saying that the young generation –more– dynamic than ever, is ready for obtaining knowledge and formation of a pluralistic, but unified society and is committed and resilient against the waves of terror and violence.
“The young generation is the driving force behind the country’s economy, culture and politics. They are the main assets of a nation that shape the future of their country on their own. It is impossible to stop and silence them, the minister further noted, adding that by shutting down media activities, the Taliban can never return Afghanistan to the monophonic society of 20 years ago.
“Freedom and independence are tied up to the spirit and mind of every young Afghan and they have always proudly broken the feet of the aggressors to their land and have never accepted captivity or slavery. Even today, accepting a Pakistani ‘satellite emirate’ in Afghanistan should be the last thought that Islamabad and its workers have in mind,” he further said. The Minister added: “The young Afghan generation knows that their fate and destiny is not a historic cessation and a repetitive start from zero.
The determination, here, is to fight the Taliban’s petrified ideology and the Pakistani conspiracies.”

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