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Taliban behind prolonging peace process


As the delegations of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Taliban are trying to remove the obstacles before the talks and narrowing the differences over several issues of contention, the Afghan officials have been accusing the Taliban of “wasting more time” after insurgents set a new condition as a prerequisite for the long-delayed negotiations.
A member of the Afghan negotiation team, Nader Naderi, has said on Monday that the Taliban are wasting time by seeking to renegotiate some of the points of their February peace agreement with the United States. “We are not wasting time, the Taliban are,” he said, adding that the insurgents continue to target security forces and civilians in an attempt to put pressure on the Afghan government.
“We will continue to be indefatigable in our efforts to defend our values and we are ready to take part in any dialogue,” he added. Meanwhile, a senior member of Taliban team, Khairullah Khairkhwah, has said peace talks should be in accordance with the Taliban’s agreement with the United States. He even warned peace talks would be useless if the Afghan government’s team did not accept the condition.
The peace negotiation has been a highly controversial issue within the last decade. Afghanistan and its allies have invariably urged the Taliban outfit to stop violence and bloodshed, which will benefit no parties. However, violence continued and took immense casualties in thousands of lives. The protracted war lingered with a lull and surge.
In fact, Taliban are behind prolonging the Afghan peace process and playing a foul game and carrying out large-scale attacks across the country only to disrupt the process. Afghan government has removed all the obstacles before start of the intra-Afghan talks and even has still leaves the door to negotiation open. But the Taliban are most unlikely to reduce insurgency and join peace process.
It is the time that the regional and world countries take both diplomatic and military ways to force Taliban if they persist on their insurgency, no chance for talks should be given to them anymore. Opening the door for talks and hosting their delegation in Doha should be the last option for the group.
If Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, mainly Pakistan, and global actors do not exert further pressure for success of peace talks with genuine intention and a national consensus is not formed, the talks are unlikely to bear the desired result.
Meanwhile, if the Taliban do not prolong the process with their illegitimate demands and do not bring down their expectations and refuse to declare ceasefire and negotiate with the Afghan government, the talks may reach a stalemate. It is believed that if talks continue further without definite results, new obstacles will emerge, and the two sides will fail to bring about a safe environment for the war-suffered nation.
Afghans are in dire need of peace and stability and Taliban shouldn’t disappoint them and take guanine steps for realizing of the long-awaited wish of the war-hit nation.

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