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Taliban behind growing violence, civilians death, experts

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By: Raiszada

KABUL: The Taliban militants group is behind increasing violence in Afghanistan, despite signing peace agreement with the US, last year, experts said.
Blaming the militants for growing violence in the country, Ruhina Payman, a member of civil society institution said that the militants were responsible for the continuation of violence and killing ordinary people in Afghanistan.
“Unfortunately, people have long year waited for peace and given sacrifices but are still burning in the flame of violence,” she said.
The US also blames the Taliban group for rising violence, after the militants clearly announced that their war has been stopped with the American troops but still continues against the Afghan forces. Jawid Kohistani an Afghan military expert believed that the Taliban are showing their power with continuation of violence and this has caused civilians, mostly children and women to be killed. Civil society and human rights activists have repeatedly asked the Taliban and the government to jointly work on reduction of violence and strengthen the human rights issue of all Afghans, but the militants are yet to give a positive feedback and obey the rule of war and they are yet to observe ceasefire, despites persisting diplomatic efforts.
Amir Mohammad, another military expert also believed that the only option to help reach peace was reduction of violence and observing ceasefire, but nothing tangible had been done in this field and violence still continues, taking victims among civilians.
“Peace negotiations would never give positive results and will not get success,” he said. Haidar Himat another expert said reduction of violence will not prevent killing people and he said violence should be ended and ceasefire implemented. “If reduction of violence meant that 10 out 20 suicide bombing and explosions are allowed to be carried out, violence would persist as any of the Taliban militants attacks leads to the killing of the people of Afghanistan and destruction of the country’s infrastructures,” said the expert.
According to him, Taliban militants are often avoiding attacks during winters, but resume their attacks on the residential areas, resulting in the death of civilians, when spring arrives. He said not only the people of Afghanistan, but the US authorities see in doubt to the Taliban commitments. Recently General Kenneth F. McKenzie the Commanderof the, United States Central Command has said US and NATO troops’ withdrawal was conditioned to the situations.
The commander said that his country would continue using peace negotiations between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban group as the only option to end war and reach a lasting peace in Afghanistan.
He went on as blaming the militants group for increasing violence and launching targeted attacks against the Afghan authorities.

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