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Taliban behind destruction of public infrastructures


It has been two decades that Taliban have been persistently killing civilians and non-civilians, destroying public infrastructures, and violating national laws and values. The militants have also been pursuing their jihad with destruction of public infrastructures such as schools, mosques, markets, roads, and so on.
Recently, Taliban insurgents have blown up a major highway bridge in western Herat province. According to the local officials, the militants had planted four explosive devices under the bridge in Zawal district on the Herat-Kandahar highway. According to them, the security forces defused three of the landmines but the fourth exploded before being defused, destroying part of the bridge.
The local people blamed the Taliban for planting the landmine in the area. However, there was no immediate reaction from the militant movement.
Besides attacking a number of provinces in recent days and martyring dozens of our brave security forces and innocent civilians, the militants too have increased their destructive activities and have destroyed a number of schools, bridges, electricity pylons and even have killed innocent guards that were protecting the public infrastructures.
Contrary to their leaders’ repeated calls for peace in the country, the group and their fighters have never hesitated to kill people and destroy facilities. Taliban has too been blamed for stalling the intra-Afghan talks in Doha, only to show their strength with increasing violence and bloodshed campaign.
Afghan government and its allies have time and again asked Taliban to shun violence and pave the way for success of the intra-Afghan talks. But their illegal and unconstitutional demands led to deadlock in the process. Meanwhile the Afghan government also shown its will for peace with releasing thousands of the Taliban fighters, but the released prisoners despite their pledges, returned to the battlefields and shedding the blood of our people on daily basis.
Afghanistan has come a long way over the past wo decades. Much has been accomplished since then in the areas of reconstruction, state-building, poverty alleviation and relief and assistance delivery to impoverished masses with the help of the International community.
Lack of sufficient infrastructures, including roads, bridges, tunnels, power generation facilities and transmission grids, hospitals, sufficient urban housing, sewerage and solid waste management systems, railways and water supply systems in both rural and urban sectors have significantly slowed down and hampered the process of economic development in the past and has led to denial of income and means of livelihood to our impoverished people.
It is very important that the local people join hand with their government in protection of the country’s infrastructures as in developing economies, the infrastructure is the key to sustainable development of the country.
Indeed, Taliban’s destruction approach only harming the Afghan people. These are Afghans, whether they are combatants or non-combatants, being martyred by the group’s so-called jihad. With destroying the bridges and attacking hospitals and schools, the group would achieve nothing but people’s hate. Since there is a historic opportunity for peace, the group should once again review their approach and agree for a comprehensive ceasefire, so that development programs to be facilitated and public infrastructures are built for the welfare of the people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.