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Taliban asked to stop violence during Holy Month of Ramadan


By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: As the holy month of Ramadan has arrived, the government officials and the country’s experts asked the Taliban militants to stop war and violence.
The Afghan people expect the violence to be stopped during the holy month of Ramadan and hope the Taliban respect the holy month so that Muslims can perform their prayers peacefully.
Also, the High Council for National Reconciliation and the Council of Ulama of Afghanistan called for an immediate ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan.
“Any plan to prevent violence in Afghanistan is welcomed and supported by all Afghans, including the Ulama Council of Afghanistan,” the office of the Ulama Council of Afghanistan said.
The High Council for National Reconciliation has also called on the people to increase their efforts to achieve peace during Ramadan, as this is a great opportunity for both sides to work together to end violence and war in the country.
This comes at a time when Afghan peace has become hot news at the national and international media and the United States has also time and again met with Taliban leaders in Doha.
“The ceasefire plan could be a positive step towards peace talks, but they insist that Taliban supporters do not want the Taliban to join the peace process,” said Amir Mohammad an Afghan political expert. “Terrorist groups need to know that war is not the solution, so the only option to give them hope for the future is to observe ceasefire and join peace,” he said.
According to him, the ceasefire plan announced by the government was expected to pave the way for peace talks between the Taliban and the government because the Afghan people want the peace process to be led and owned by the Afghans themselves, not foreigners.
The Taliban should be given a practical religious plan as they are chanting slogans of influencing Islamic teachings, and on the other, the end of bloodshed is peace.
“The only way to ensure peace is for the Afghans to find a way to their ambiguous fate. If the opposition groups want to join the peace process, they can sit around a negotiating table to express their words and demands in the language of understanding and brotherhood as victory can never be achieved through the language of war,” said the expert.
Jamal Farahmand, a political analyst, also said that the people of Afghanistan are tired of the long war, they need to make peace, so, if the ceasefire is announced, the peace meetings can have a positive effect.
The Afghan government should take steps to encourage those Taliban leaders interested in negotiating peace, because some of them are tired of the war and want peace on one hand and on the other, the government have to vigilantly get preparation for the country’s security and defense.
However, the Afghan Human Rights Commission has said that a unilateral ceasefire will not bring peace to Afghanistan and the commission wants a lasting peace owned and led by the Afghans themselves.
“The Afghan people all want peace; a peace can only be achieved in Afghanistan if all human rights are respected,” said the commission in a statement.
According to the commission authorities, the Afghan people have an important role to play in the restoration of peace. “Peace is not an end to war, peace is not a ceasefire, but is justice because peace cannot be achieved through a unilateral ceasefire, however a ceasefire is one of the ways to start negotiations.
However, in their messages to Afghans on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, UN and NATO officials wished a peaceful Ramadan and happiness, and hoped that violence and killings would be reduced this month as a ceasefire could build trust between the two sides.
A peace meeting is scheduled to be hosted by Turkey and representatives from the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan would attend with a single plan, hoping to end war and restore peace in the war-affected country.

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