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Taliban-Al Qaeda’s never ending relations

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 According to a recent statement of National Directorate of Security (NDS), the leader of Al Qaeda for Indian sub-continent Asem Omar was killed during a joint ANDSF operation on September 24th in Musa Qala district, Helmand province.
During the operation a number of leading body of the Taliban group, including Abu Raihan, the contact person between Asem Omar and Ayman Zawahiri and Taliban were also targeted. Several other members of this group who were Pakistani nationals, were arrested.
This is a remarkable achievement for ANDSF and a strong blow on Al Qaeda in one hand and indicate that still extensive and active relations exist between the two terror groups and Al Qaeda members including its senior authorities are operating and have considerable presence in areas under the Taliban control. This shows that sustainable unity and solidarity exist between these two terrorists factions and commitments of Taliban during their talks with Americans during their nine rounds negotiations and cutting of ties with international terrorists organizations including Al Qaeda are baseless and chimerical.
This incident certifies the claims on confirming of strategic unity and tight ideological ties of Taliban and all international Jehadist groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab…etc. It proves that this unity is neither destructible simply nor the Taliban can claim existence separate from international extremists groups. Taliban have unceaseable relations with fundamentalist groups throughout the world who are involved in violence and terrorism under the slogan of religion and Shariah.
Simultaneous with consecutive meetings of the Taliban delegations with Americans in Doha, the capital of Royal Qatar that advanced to drafting and possible signing of an agreement between the two sides and also after president Donald Trump stopped the talks and annulled the agreement and until recent days, this warning was continuously given by some politicians and international experts that Taliban are not trust worthy and they cannot believe in their commitment on cutting ties with other terrorist groups including Al Qaeda and cannot trust to their promise as we cannot trust Pakistan and accept that she would give up support of radial groups and be prepare to make sincere cooperation with the world community against extremism and terrorism.
I.S.I of Pakistan had sheltered Osama Bin Laden for many years and provided safe sanctuaries for Taliban leaders. The country has certainly given shelter for thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists and exploit them for survival of extremism and terrorism in the region.
Murder and captivity of Al Qaeda leader for Indian sub-content and numerous other Pakistani nationals in Helmand frankly indicate ties of Pakistani government and its notorious I.S.I with international terrorists including Al Qaeda and other organizations.
At present amid rumors of resuming of Taliban and Americans talks which are strongly propagated by Taliban advocated countries particularly Pakistani, the Taliban spokesmen have also said that they are loyal and committed to all promises reflected in their agreement with Americans, including ceasing of all ties with Al Qaeda, it better not to ignore that they are cheating and deceiving us and lying to us.
Their promise should not be trusted and their commitments must not be believed. They were not ready to extradite Osama Bin Laden to Americans in 2001 and supported him at the cost of jeopardizing their rule.
It is strongly possible that they would not cease their overt and covert ties with Al Qaeda and other sister organizations under no circumstances.

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