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Taliban adopting new tactics, after international blame, experts

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Soon after Biden’s coming to power, new US administration announced that it wanted to review peace agreement with the Taliban group.
A number of political and military experts say that in order to respond to the US new measures against the group, the Taliban are making effort to resort to a trust-building tactic.
The new US administration has blamed the militants for not having fulfilled their commitments.
Under the bilateral Doha peace agreement, the US would have withdrew its forces by the end of May, 2021, after the implementation of the Taliban conditions, including, the release of 5,000 prisoners, reduction in violence, start of intra-Afghan political dialogue and ceasing relations with the al-Qaeda network and other terrorist groups.
The US, according to the Biden’s administrations has honored its commitments, which is a scheduled troops’ withdrawal from the country, but the Taliban has only done symbolic presence in Doha negotiations, did nothing in reduction of violence and didn’t cut ties with the al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.
Afghan authorities also blame the Taliban group for not ceasing relations with the terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaeda network.
According to the Afghan authorities, the group’s released, contrary to their commitments, returned to the battlefields and resumed killing innocent people, as well as they have still al-Qaeda fighters within their ranks.
In order to soften their actions to the US administration’s recently firm threat, the group ordered their subordinates not allow foreign furthers within their ranks or provide them with safe haven.
Afghan experts said the Taliban were not ready to cut their ties with other terrorist groups, typically al-Qaeda network and that the group has now entered through a propaganda channel with the US. The Taliban have not willingly returned to peace negotiations but under force from internal and foreign pressures, said Farid Hashemi, a lawyer and a university lecturer. He said no change has brought in the Taliban’s peace policy, they only change tactic, as there is no coordination between the group’s politicians and the fighters.
“Any order from the Taliban leadership on the group’s fighters — on not allowing foreign fighters in their ranks or destroying historical artifacts — has no impact on the group’s local commanders engaged in fighting in the battlefield,” said Hashemi adding as the local commanders have the authority of war only.
By issuing the symbolic order, the Taliban want to win trust and support from the international community on one hand and on the other, want to find a footprint among the people inside the country, the expert added.
But Atiqullah Amarkhil, another military expert welcomes the Taliban change in policy, as he believed the move even under the international community’s pressure would be a positive step.
“A small group [pointing to the Taliban] cannot deceive the international community, or the people Afghanistan and that it has now realized that it had no capability of resisting the army,” he said adding the Taliban have failed to even take control of a single province in the past 19 years, but resort to violence to show their power. He said some regional countries, like Russia, China and Iran have also realized the fact the Daesh was a grave threat and now want to use the Taliban against the ISIS, as during their visits with the Taliban leaders, they asked them to bring change in their behavior in order to win support from the international community.

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