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Taliban; a group standing on no principles

By: Suraya

Following the US – Taliban deal and resumption of intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban negotiating teams in Doha, there have been beliefs that Taliban has come with the perception that war is not the right solution for ongoing disputes and that the group has preferred to resolve all issues through meaningful talks, but now most have reached to an conclusion that they have been wrong in their perception as Taliban are still engaged in increasing violence, targeted killings and IED blasts and respect no principles at all.

Increasing targeted killings, launching violent attacks on ANDSF in provinces and escaping from talks and unnecessary visits of Taliban members to a number of neighbouring countries have shown that Taliban is not interested in peace as the group has violated the US – Taliban deal for many times.
After resumption of the intra-Afghan talks with Afghanistan government, Taliban has increased targeted killings, violent attacks on ANDSF and IED blasts across the country as the group has been identified of 45 percent civilian casualties by the UN, while international organizations particularly SIGAR and UN committee monitoring terrorist groups have blatantly said that Taliban has not cut its tie with terrorist groups particularly al-Qaeda, which is against the US – Taliban peace deal.
Taliban’s violent attacks against the Afghan people and destruction of public infrastructures have shown clear enmity of the group with the country and its people. The group’s activities have caused that Afghanistan is not experiencing continued stages of development.
Besides, Taliban by acting against all international conventions has made use of women and children as shield in the ongoing war as the group has made use of people’s homes, mosques, health centers and schools for their centers against the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF). meanwhile, the group by targeting human rights activists, media workers and journalists, doctors, judges and tribal elders has shown that they are not in favour of solving the disputes through negotiations.
Based on recent report released by the United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA), 2020 could have been the year of peace in Afghanistan. Instead, thousands of Afghan civilians perished due to the conflict.
According to the UNAMA report, the overall number of civilian casualties in 2020 of 8,820 (3,035 killed and 5,785 injured) fell below 10,000 for the first time since 2013 and was 15 per cent down on 2019. While the reduced numbers are welcome, documentation shows that the lower levels of overall harm were partially offset by increases from certain tactics, as well as from an uncharacteristic increase in civilian harm in the last quarter of the year.
Violent attacks of the Taliban across Afghanistan has made the international community to repeatedly condemn the group’s continued violence, targeted killings and destruction of public infrastructures.
Meanwhile, the UN Secretary General and other international partners of Afghanistan have repeatedly asked the Taliban to say yes to urgent humanitarian ceasefire to protect the life of civilians in the country, but the call for ceasefire has been rejected by the group repeatedly.
Although the world Islamic Ulamas Union, OIC, Mohammadia Ulama Council and great Mufti of Saudi Arabia and hundreds of ulamas and Islamic scholars have declared the ongoing war in Afghanistan as illegal and unlawful, the Taliban is still fighting and killing Afghans.
Increasing violence, violent attacks on civilians and ANDSF, targeted killings and increasing IED blasts have made NATO and US to review their decision with troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. In their recent meeting, NATO and US stressed on conditional based troop withdrawal from the country. Now it is a good time for the world to decide based on situation in the ground.

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