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Takhar Ulama, youths meet with VP Danesh

5میزان1399دیدار علما، جوانان، متنفذین و نمایندگان مردمی ولایت تخار با معاون دوم رئیس جمهور ع محمد ولی 1

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: A number of religious scholars, elders and youths of the country’s northern province of Takhar met with the Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh on Saturday, his office said in a statement.
Both sides, besides discussing the ongoing peace negotiations and security in the country, talked on the implementation of development projects in the province, said the statement received by The Kabul Times.
The elders and representatives of the province expressed pleasure over the recently constructed roads between the provincial center and the remote districts and thanked the vice-president for addressing the public demand of the people, according to the statement.
VP Danesh appreciated the people of Takhar for their cooperation implementation process of the development projects, supporting the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and protection of the social solidarity among different tribes in the province.
He called Takhar a key province in the country’s north and added that the central government would pay serious attention in supplying services in the province.
Pointing to the ongoing peace process, the country’s Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh noted that the government of Afghanistan reiterated on a peace in which the achievements and rights of all the people of Afghanistan were preserved.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.