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Sustainable development goals discussed

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KABUL: The meeting of Sustainable Development Goals was held to investigate the impacts of some development Indexes of the deputies of publications affairs, finance, administrative and tourism and culture and art and youths of the ministry of information and culture, BNA reported the other day.
The meeting was chaired by the deputy minister of finance, administrative and tourism of information and culture, Sayeda Mojgan Mostafavi, discussing that creation of units for accessing information and reduction of violence against journalists was the development index of the deputy ministry of information and culture on publication affairs, while some others belonged to the deputy ministry of finance, administrative and tourism affairs and the deputy to culture and art and youth affairs ministry, according to the agency.
She said the statistics of violence against women has raised compared to last year and called creation of units for accessing information as effective in reduction of violence against journalists. The meeting members consisted representatives from the CE office, ministry of economy and some other related institutions who presented their viewpoints at the meeting and resolved the results would be shared in the next meeting.
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