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Sustainable cleaning of city a shared responsibility


By: Masouda Qarizada

Kabul the capital is one of the populated cities of our country in which different bodies are involved in delivering of public services. The Kabul municipality in close cooperation and coordination of people is trying to implement numerous programs and change the ancient capital city to a clean place and green and void of environment pollution.
Taking part in cleanliness of our localities is our one of civil responsibilities. Our citizens are expected to throw garbages into certain bins and enable the municipality cleaning personnel to relocate them on time. Throwing garbages on sidewalks is a big violation of urban regulation and culture.
Large parts of sidewalks which were occupied by vendors, were cleaned recently and all cabines that were deployed across the city were collected and relocated to proper places. Relocating of vendors, painting of constructions and buildings along the main roads and decorating of commercial markets and roundabouts has also been started. These areas include Maiwand Avenue, Monument of unknown soldier, the road across Avicenna Hospital etc.
Huge burden of this activities was shouldered by employees of Cleaning Department of municipality with cooperation of Kabul people.
Qurban Ali a resident of Kabul city talking on this humanitarian activity said, this was a good and benevolent step by Kabul municipality because crowd of vendors disturbed traffic order in one hand and paved the way for pick pockets and jams for pedestrians on the other. I sincerely appreciate this action.
Narges Naimi one of the residents of Kabul first precinet said crowd of vendors on sidewalks caused disturbing of women and other pedestrians.
According to Kabul municipality, with passing each day, the number of vendors is increasing in Kabul due to insecurity and unemployment in other provinces and directly affects capital population.
Vendors lack capital and often work for capital-holders and traders and they are wage earners.
If a certain place is allocated to them, it would remove above problems. Most of shopkeepers give their goods to vendors and have changed to pavements to business centers.
According to data of Kabul municipality, daily US $ 1.5m and monthly US $42m are exchanged by these vendors and according to the MoLSA, 90pc occupations are unofficial or private in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan UNDP says that it supports the Afghan government plan for legalization of vendors’ activities as a number of these vendors are children who preform heavy jobs instead of attending school.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.