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Survey emphasizes govt’s responsibility in peace talks

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Salah Consortium has launched second round of people’s dialogues to pave the way for hearing the voice of the people at seven provinces of the country. Findings of the organization consists demands, anticipation and concerns of the people over intra-Afghan dialogues.
The people’s dialogues have been held in Kandahar, Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kunduz, Bamyan and Paktia provinces, where 720 people from various districts of the respective provinces have been invited to share their visions in connection with the intra-Afghan dialogues.
In a session held on this occasion the other day, Yagana Zahra, member of Salah Consortium Organization while delivering report on the organization’s findings told journalists that launching the people’s dialogues was aimed to hear people’s visions, anticipation and concerns over intra-Afghan talks.
“Those participating in dialogues have been from various districts of Kandahar, Herat, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kunduz, Bamyan and Paktia provinces and by raising their voice towards maintaining peace in the country declared their full support from Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace talks with Taliban,” Mrs. Zahra said.
He added that with efforts towards peace in Doha and dialogues held by Salah Consortium fighting was unfortunately continuing in the respective provinces.
“In dialogues with nearly 720 people in the respective provinces, people were stressing on maintaining ceasefire prior to starting intra-Afghan talks with the Taliban group,” Mrs. Zahra said.
Based on the findings, people who have participated in the dialogues have stressed on four points such as Afghanistan government, Taliban, civil society organizations and international community.
According to member of the consortium, in consideration to all pains and problems facing the people of Afghanistan all are ready for talks with Taliban.
In dialogues with the people, women rights, civil society organizations, stopping foreign interferences in Afghanistan peace process, mobilization of people for protection of rights of Afghan citizens in peace process and maintaining justice in connection with war victims have been stressed to be considered in talks with the Taliban.
With all criticisms against the government, participants in people’s dialogues held by Salah Consortium have believed that the government had big responsibility for protection of the 19 years achievements, supporting rights of Afghan citizens, inclusiveness of peace process and making further efforts towards maintaining fair and lasting peace in the country.
In the dialogues, the people have asked the Taliban to accept the country’s laws, declare ceasefire and stop violence, respect women, war victims and honestly act upon peace process.
“The people have also asked civil society organizations to play their vital role in the country’s peace process and introduce their representatives for talks with Taliban to share the voice of people with them,” Mrs. Zahra said, stressing that civil society organizations as bridge between the government and people should advocate for peace, monitor peace efforts and urge the UN to guarantee Afghan peace process.
In the session, Salah Consortium by stressing on impartiality of the international community in Afghanistan peace process asked the community should fully support all achievements of Afghan and reiterate its commitment to supporting the people and government of Afghanistan in all key national and international issues.
Mrs. Zahra stressed that the international community should convince neighboring countries to stop their proxy wars in Afghanistan so that Afghans reach lasting peace and stability in the country.
It is worth mentioning that Salah Consortium was established by six non-government organizations in 2013 to make common force in connection with peace issues, good governance and human security. The consortium is operating in 34 provinces and financially supported by European Union.

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