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Supporting ANDSF key factor for maintaining security


By: Suraya Raiszada

Fortunately the level of people’s support from Afghan National Defense and Security Forces has increased in recent years. Currently, all Afghan citizens including civil society organizations, ulamas, dignitaries and tribal elders are strongly supporting the country’s security forces and their trust on the forces has unprecedentedly increased recently.
According to Afghan military experts, the people’s support from the country’s security forces can put good impact on both maintaining security and development in political, economic and social fields in the country.
As Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are the real protectors of this land and fighting day and night to protect the people and defend the country, they should be always supported by both the people and government as supporting the country’s security forces is key for maintaining overlay security in the country.
Meanwhile, Afghan lawmakers while praising media for reflecting role of Afghan security forces in battlefields are stressing that media that prepare their reports from battlefields should consider national interests and giving morale to soldiers in war on terror as media is the only bridge between the people and government.
“Besides that people’s support from ANDSF can be effective in strengthening the forces in battlefields, role of media can be also effective as people get most of reports through media,” said Nijrabi, a member of parliament’s internal commission.
He believes that the government should always appreciate capabilities and achievements of the country’s defense and security forces as they are fighting day and night to maintain security and stability in the country.
A university lecturer Hashimi says strengthening the country’s defense and security forces, looking after the families of martyred soldiers, appointing merit and home-loving individuals in battlefields and changes in local administration are considered as factors that can be effective in reduction in violence and ending the ongoing war in the country.
Praising the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) for their capabilities and works in controlling enemy’s attacks, Hashimi asserted that the country’s defense and security forces have been able to lead and plan most of military operations and these operations show increasing capabilities of the Afghan forces.
Meanwhile, officials for the ministry of defense while informing of maintaining better security and launching planned operations across the country say appreciating and continued support from the Afghan security forces are the most principal factors in maintaining security and developments in Afghanistan.
They believe that continued support of the people can play vital role in security situation of the country as there will be no development without close cooperation of the people in the country.
It is worth mentioning that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have been able to gain the people’s trust in recent years.

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