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Suicide attacks sign of Taliban’s defeat in battlefields


Taliban’s recent attacks in Kabul and other provinces which resulted to martyring of a number of innocent civilians and our brave security forces, are indeed their sign of defeat in the battlefields. They have received heavy casualties while fighting the brave Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF).

Taliban with support from the certain regional intelligence agencies have tried their bests to show the Afghan people and the world how violent they are and have carried out the bloodiest attacks on Afghan civilians and the security forces in recent years.

In all attacks launched by Taliban in the recent years, their resemblance to common Afghans largely helped them. Whether burqa, turban, military uniforms or any other things, the Taliban did not hesitate to use any stuff that can assist them trick the security forces and reach their vicious goals. At the same time, it is quite difficult to distinguish them from common Afghans which sometimes, results in the killing of innocent people.

Meanwhile rise in insecurity being claimed by Taliban at this juncture would either mean that Taliban are not at all interested in peace deal with Afghan government or they are pressuring it so that it can have more leverage in the peace talks and may even set their own conditions. The local and international conferences are yet to find a solution for the ongoing insecurities and peace deal with Taliban.

The 20 international terrorist groupings, including Taliban still murder people under sacred terms of jihad and practice against religious tenets. That is to say, their ideology is based on no religious values or moral standards. A large number of political pundits believe that military action will not be a viable solution to the problem but it seems to be the only option versus the persistent attacks insurgents.

However conflicts and disputes are finally ended via negotiations; but military means always proved to be decisive and crucial to pave the way for talks. Taliban have chosen military ways to achieve their political goals; for Afghan government military means and a strong military encounter can be the best way to force insurgents for talks.

Government has given enough time and concession to Taliban opposition to encourage them to start peace talks; but they misunderstood and misused it and instead increased their militancy and terrorist attacks.

Afghans would reach to their dreams of peace and stability in their country only if the government and its international allies tighten and strengthen military operation against them, suppress them harshly and leave them no safe and secure place.

The Taliban and other insurgent groupings know language of force better than reconciliatory and peaceful methods. Dialogue and diplomacy is finally the solution; but indeed a strong military pressure can bring the insurgents to negotiating table.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.