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Suicide attacks in India, Iran show Pakistan’s support of terror

A mob in India set fire to vehicles on Friday, in protest of Thursday's attack on a paramilitary convoy in Kashmir

However, the government of Afghanistan has always stressed that Pakistan supports insurgent factions, but other countries have not taken any step in this regard, but recent terror attacks in India and Pakistan have once again proven that Pakistan is still supporting terrorism.
Recent terrorist attacks on Kashmir and Zahidan’s military personnel have caused that Delhi and Tehran get joint stance, saying that the attacks have been organized in Pakistan clearly indicated thatcountry has not still given up supporting terrorist groups.
This comes as the government of Afghanistan complained to the UN Security Council on Pakistan’s demand of Taliban for negotiation.
President Ghani has earlier said that we want the Taliban to clarify their relations with Pakistan and vice versa.
Following the deadly terrorist attack on Indian military personnel in Kashmir, Prime Minister Narendra Modiwarned Pakistan to expect a strong response to a suicide attack that killed 44 paramilitary policemen.
He added our neighboring country (Pakistan) has imagined that such terrorist attacks would weaken us, but they would fail to reach their plans.
Likewise, US president’s national security advisor says that Donald Trump has become hopeless of Pakistan’s steps on fighting insurgency, because, according to him, it acts arbitrarily against terrorist groups.
He stressed that Islamabad is still supporting terrorist factions and use them as foreign policy tools.
At the same time, Iranian parliament’s speaker Ali Larijani said the government of Pakistan should respond, because, the terrorists organize their attacks in that country.
He asked the Iranian foreign ministry to start investigation about the incident.
Accusing Pakistan of supporting terrorist groups, a number of lawmakers say that now all world countries have realized that Pakistan supports terrorism to protect its interests.
“Pakistan has times and again said it would play role in Afghan peace process, but it has never been honest before our country,” a lawmaker Shekiba Hashimi said.
A political expert, Akram Andishmand believes that Afghans don’t believe in Pakistan’s commitments any longer, adding meetings would follow with fruitful results when the Taliban directly negotiate with the government of Afghanistan and state their views on restoring peace.
This is while the government of Afghanistan could raise its voice on uprooting terrorismworldwide and has taken practical steps in this respect. Thus, the world should cooperate with Afghanistan in peace talks so peace and stability can be ensured throughout the country.

Suraya Raiszada

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