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Suicide attacks, bloodshed not allowed in Islam, Ulama Council


By: Suraya Raiszada

Recently, government’s armed insurgents have intensified their attacks on civilians.
A number of religious ulama during interview with The Kabul Times while condemning the attacks stressed that suicide attacks and bloodshed are not allowed, asking the armed insurgents to stop such unacceptable acts.
Calling suicide attacks and killing people in contrary with Islam religion’s orders, Afghanistan’s Ulama Council asked armed insurgents to join peace process and stop the country’s destruction.
Chief Executive Office advisor and a member of the Ulama Council Abdul Malik Ziayee says the attacks being organized on innocent people by armed groups are not justifiable, because, they practice their malicious designs as they are ordered by their supporters.
He added that suicide attacks and explosions have never been allowed in holy religion of Islam, because, Islam is a religion of brotherhood, equality, peace and cohesion, thus, Taliban carry out terrorist attacks under the name of Islam and Jihad which is definitely in contrary with our religion.
The terrorist attacks in the country have been organizing beyond the borders and there are a number of regional countries who are involved in insecurities in Afghanistan, he went on to say.
Pointing at Pakistan interferences in Afghanistan’s affairs, he said that unfortunately, our people have been involved in imposed-war since three decades.
Enemies of the Afghan people should understand that no threat can eliminate our nation, Pakistanis should have also known this that they won’t benefit continued insecurities in Afghanistan, he continued.
However, the government of Afghanistan has offered a peace deal to the Taliban, but they {Taliban} answered with suicide attacks and explosions, he stated.
This comes as Mawlavi Mohammad Omar Khatib said that if the Taliban called themselves the followers of holy religion of Islam, can they say where in the Quran bloodshed of innocent people has been allowed?
He added the people of Afghanistan cannot tolerate continued war, violence and barbarism and don’t want their loved ones to be sacrificed any longer. Religious ulama ask security entities to take necessary preparations for electoral campaigns. This is while that during suicide attacks carried out on Sunday by the Taliban on two electoral teams, a number of Afghans have been martyred and some others sustained injuries, a move which followed by the government officials and people reactions.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.