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Sudan to designate Lebanon’s Hezbollah as terrorist organization under Israel deal


By: alarabiya

Sudan has agreed to designate Lebanese Hezbollah as a terrorist organization as part of a recent deal to normalize ties with Israel, a senior US official said Friday.
“After decades of living under a brutal dictatorship, the people of Sudan are finally taking charge,” a joint statement between the United States, Sudan and Israel said.
But there was no mention of Hezbollah’s designation, which the senior US official confirmed to Al Arabiya English that Sudan agreed to.
It remains unclear if this was a demand by other Arab states or only Israel and the US.
Friday marked 37 years since one of the deadliest attacks against US troops on foreign soil. On Oct. 23, 1983, a suicide bombing at the US Marine Barracks in Beirut killed 241 American service members.
US President Donald Trump Friday announced that Sudan would normalize relations with Israel, in a landmark step after two Gulf Arab nations moved to recognize Israel.
Moments after Trump formally moved to remove Sudan from a US list of state sponsors of terrorism, reporters were escorted to the Oval Office where he was on the phone with leaders of Israel and Sudan.
The deal with Sudan will include aid and investment from Israel, particularly in technology and agriculture, along with further debt relief. It comes as Sudan and its transitional government teeter on the edge. Thousands have protested in the country’s capital Khartoum and other regions in recent days over dire economic conditions.

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