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Students should say “no” to violence at higher education institutions


Clashes erupted Thursday among students at Kabul University’s hostel after oral argument of two students standing on a dinner queue for getting foods. The argument changed to clashes later among big groups of students and unfortunately paved the way for interference of political opportunists.
Eye witnesses claimed that they heard continuous firing shots from inside Kabul University. But, a spokesperson to Kabul police says it was police who fired in the air to control the situation and escort those out who trapped in the hostel.
According to Kabul police, 19 students were wounded and one killed in the incident and 35 others have been detained by police for further investigation.
Officials or Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) by rejecting ethnic discrimination behind the incident told media that in accordance to laws and disciplinary procedures of the ministry all higher education institutions and academic centers of the country are protected from political and ethnic activities.
Zia Rafat, a Kabul University lecturer, believes that the ministry of higher education should have educational and awareness programs for students at the university hostel as it is a place education and cultural programs should be held.
He stressed that the ministry should also review its management in connection with food quality and modality of food distribution to students in the hostel.
On the other hand, Afghanistan Students Association (ASA) has said that discrimination and ethnic divide in universities and other academic institutions must be addressed.
“Government and relevant agencies should step up efforts to foster unity among university students and eliminate discord and discrimination in state-run and private universities across the country, said head of ASA Zahir Faizy in a statement. He said there were certain people within the country and abroad who were plotting to fan the flame of discord and discrimination among Afghan youth particularly university students in higher education institutions and academic centers, adding that this should be tackled. Pointing to old method of curriculum in some universities, he asked the relevant organs to take necessary measures to work on new curriculum in order to boost up teaching quality in the universities. He also urged the related organs to improve facilities for students at universities in the country.
Followed the incident, ministry of higher education in a statement has declared that central hostel was to be remained closed until improvement of the situation.
It is worth mentioning that Kabul University has witnessed similar incidents in the past too. Four years ago, similar incident occurred in the hostel of the university and as a result 23 people were wounded. After the incident, the ministry of higher education closed all universities of the country for a week.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.