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Strengthening security, speeding up development projects’ work

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In continuation of his provincial tours, heading a high-ranking delegation, this time president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited Helmand province.
During this visit, despite meeting with local authorities and security institutions’ in-charges of the province, president Ghani also met with Helmand citizens including the incharges of media, civil society, religious scholars, trible dignitaries and families of victims of war, especially the families of martyrs of security organs personnel that were suffered during war on terror.
During his stay in this province, the president would inaugurate the projects which are to be completed and would be laid to the disposal.
As such tours provide special opportunities so that the senior delegations who accompany the president, inspect the present situation directly and also evaluate them from near.
Similarly, the citizens also set forth those local problems they are facing with and search ways to remove them.
It is expected during this tour, such a situation be realized and Helmand people discuss related issues with government authorities and ask the latters to investigate them.
Comparing previous years, the situation of Helmand has been changed more and considering the government authorization and expansion of area ruling by local government in this province, good achievements have been gained.
Those areas which were ruling and threatening by armed opponent groupings for long years, now is under the control of government and Taliban are ruling only on few limited districts.
The Lashkargah city that previously was under the threat of Taliban and other terrorist groupings now has been secured.
Publicutility projects such as health, education and higher education projects expanded more by related institutions.
Development projects have been executed in this province and either would be opened by the president during his recent tour to the province or would be accelerated. During the meeting with citizens of Helmand, president Ghani hinting to construction and expansion of the work of Kajaki project, said that $ 175 million has been allocated in the connection and its agreement also has been signed and would soon be completed and laid at the disposal. Kajaki dam is one of important projects that can maintain the electricity needed by vast areas in the southern part of the country and with enjoying from a great water reservoir, and its good management, the loosing of water would be prevented.
One of important issues in Helmand province is prevention from poppy cultivation and other herbs used in production of narcotics. It is expected with visiting of president Ghani and high-ranking delegation accompanying him, some achievements to be gained in the connection and this idea to get momentum among Helmand people the poppy cultivation to be reduced and instead, they resort to cultivation of alternate crops.
At the same time, there are some expectations that the visit of president and his accompanying senior government delegation to be resulted into strengthening of stability and ensuring of peace in this and adjacent provinces.
Development projects’ works be completed, poppy cultivation and narco-trafficking be eliminated and after this, Helmand be recognized as a develop and poppy free province.
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