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State High Supreme Council considered as key in current situation

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By: Suraya Raiszada

It is believed that creation and existence of a state supreme council is significant particularly in current political and security situation facing Afghanistan.
Currently, the country’s peace process is facing with serious ambiguity. Today, Afghanistan witnesses proxy war in its borders.
Afghan political experts believe that Afghanistan is facing with deadly and imposed war; therefore, it is necessary that all political groups and leaders get united and raise their voice for defending the country as Taliban ongoing war is illegitimate.
“The main philosophy for the creation and formation of the government’s supreme council is to bring all political leaders under one umbrella and its given consultative role,” said Amir Mohammad, an Afghan political expert.
He added that political and elite figures of the country should not have further and higher expectations than the country’s consultative role as the country was facing with emergency situation and needed a united leadership.
He further said that the council could create a big political umbrella against the enemy and its role would be productive.
Meanwhile, a number of political parties and leaders while stressing on inclusiveness of the council say the high supreme council should be an address to decide on big national issues.
Creation of the government’s high supreme council which should be formed simultaneously with high council for national reconciliation has met with various visions among political leaders and experts.
A number of Afghan politicians consider creation of the government’s high supreme council as key in current situation in which US and NATO troops withdrawal process is underway and insecurities have increased in the country.
Meanwhile, a number of representatives of people in parliament have also considered creation of the council as important, saying that it will be good if the council is operating in close coordination with legislative organs.
According to Afghan lawmakers, currently Afghanistan is facing with serious challenges as ambiguity in ongoing peace process, full US and NATO troop withdrawal process and increasing insecurities and violence in the country.
They said the government’s high supreme council could collect consultations and advises regarding big national issues from the country’s political leaders.
Meanwhile, Presidential Office says authorizations, agenda and work model and mechanism of the high supreme council have been finalized and it is determined that the first meeting of the council will be soon held.
“The Supreme State Council with its possible 21 members will have consultative role,” said Latif Mahmoud, deputy spokesperson to Presidential Office.
President Advisor on Political Affairs Mohammad Akram Khpalwak says political leaders and elite figures of the country are debating on modality of starting the Supreme State Council.
The first meeting of the council was supposed to be convened this week, but disagreements of a number of political leaders with the composition of the council have resulted in postponement of the meeting.


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