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Sport, sportsmen represent peace

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By: Nangyalay Osmani

As a universal desire, peace is one of the important needs of every country and constitute foundation of human being life. Social progress and tranquil life require peace. Sport plays basic role in peace process. Five circles of Olympic have been setup as symbol of the world peaceful solidarity.
Born in 1982 in a sport loving family in Kabul province, Habibullah Noori a high school graduate failed to continue his higher educations due to economic constraints but resorted to sport and at present he is trainer in several private clubs.
At the outset of interview, Noori said, due to my enthusiasm to sport, 14 years ago I started boxing under my trainer Razeq. I received the first position and a gold medal in the weight of 53 kg in teenagers competitions while in youth competitions I achieved third position and a bronze medal. Due to continued exercises I managed to gain national team membership in 2016. My total domestic achievements include 8 gold, silver and bronze medals and in professional box competitions he has recorded one win two looses.
Talking on the role and impotence of sport in society, Noori added, sport plays basic role in strengthening of cultural values in humanitarian relations. Sport improves human etiquette and requires good behavior with society. Afghanistan national anthem is played by sportsmen in international competitions. So we should attach high importance to sport. At the conclusion, Noori sent a message to youth: you are the future builders of our country and should make your favorite sport.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.