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Sport promotes peace, national unity

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In recent years, Afghans have been witnessing sport in diverse fields that has created a sweeping wave of patriotic sense among different masses of the war-suffered nation. Each time, one of these sport teams have gained an achievement in an international ground, they cause a pride for our homeland and created an extensive wave of pleasure among strata and classes of Afghan nation and Pan Afghans have celebrated it with tears of pleasure.
These waves of pleasures have been in such a way that people put aside all linguistic, ethnic and even religious affiliations and felt pride and dignity in the name of great Afghan nation and re-found themselves sank in a common happiness. They even have forgotten their pains of war and bloodshed in the country.
Victories of our national football team in South-Asia games in previous years, victories of national cricket teams in international competitions and ultimately runner up of under-20 youth national futsal team in Asian competitions, and other achievements by our athletes were not only welcomed by senior government authorities but also by different social strata and were followed step by step and our people shed tear of pleasure for more victories of our sportsmen.
All these show that sport is one of those means that has tied sentiments of our countrymen together and creates a single feeling for citizens, the feeling of affiliation to one territory and one united, glorious and dignified nation. Sport bridges all gaps and overcomes all other affiliations and creates only and only one feeling, the felling of connecting to each other, moral and spiritual feeling of brotherhood, convergence and solidarity.
It means that sport could be a unity creating means among different classes of Afghan society. At a condition that all social media pages have been filled with trible and linguistic lines by different groups connected to certain politicians and superiority of this tribe to that one and trible and ethnic issues of politics and security of the country had influenced social media pages by a number of individuals and certain groups, we suddenly saw that all those propagations were vain efforts and obliterated and social media users sincerely congratulated victory of our under-20 national team and prayed for their final victory.
When our futsal team had handed over championship cup to Japanese team and achieved runner up position, our people unanimously addressed our players and wrote: although you failed to gain the cup, but you created pride and carried out a generous and unique game and made indefatigable efforts for honor of Afghanistan.
Meanwhile the countrymen and women praised the efforts of Afghan Cricket Team that struggling to achieve a victory in Cricket World Cup, saying “We are grateful of our sportsmen for hoisting our flags in international competitions.
Indeed, this indicates that sport creates wave of sincere patriotic feeling, sense of convergence and solidarity and could be good means for improving of national spirit and strengthening of brotherhood among brave and pious people of Afghanistan.

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