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Sport plays key role in ethnic mobilization

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By: Nangyalay Osmani

Born in an educated family in 1991, Abdul Wahab Zazay is a member of Afghanistan National Taekwondo Team, a graduate of Faculty of Economics and champion in 54 kg.
In an interview with The Kabul Times sport correspondent, Zazay said, due to enthusiast, in 2001 I started Taekwondo in Haidary Association and in 2006 I gained membership of youth and teenagers and become champion of my weight. In 2008 I gained membership of National Team. 25 gold and one silver medals are my domestic achievements. In 2019 I received a silver medal in Korea. In 2017, I received two silver medals in Iran Fajr Decade competitions and defeated my three rivals.
Touching specifications of a sportsman, Zazay added, a real sportsman makes years long efforts in his body and soul building and brings honor to his homeland.
A sportsman should respect national identity, culture and respect people and be strongly tolerant.
Talking on the role of sport in society, Zazay added, as a social creations, human being has to establish social relations with others. All individuals need to establish social relates beyond family environment as it could only be done through sport and the latter plays key role in ethic mobilization in a country.
Talking on advantages of sport, Zazay said, sport helps and enable over body to send more oxygen to other parts of our body including Lungs, Brain, Heart and muscles. Sport makes heart sound.
Touchings ahead of sportsmen, Zazay said,” personally I was deprived from trans-border competitions for many years despite of my preparedness and problems in Taekwondo Federation. The Taekwondo Federation was split and sportsman separated and caused deprivation of national team members, from foreign competitions, h request relevant authorities to invite special attention on national team members and pave the way of their foreign competitions. Sending a message to youth, Zazay said, future belongs to youth and with their capabilities and qualities the young generation play key role in building of a society without their partnership in socio, economic, cultural and political issues, society doesn’t manage to embark ahead.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.