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“Sport makes you to be healthy,” Faizi


Zabihullah Faizi is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter.
Faizi has born in a sport-loving and open-mind family in Panjshir in 1372. He has graduated from high school and due to financial problems and his enthusiasm to sport, couldn’t continue his higher education.
In an interview he said, ‘I have started Kong Fu under supervision of Master Naeem Muhsin since I was 9-years-old.’
He added, later, I have started professional exercises and finally, I could gain the country’s national team membership in 1384.
‘My first competition was in 76kg,in which I could obtain the championship and won a gold medal. I could keep my championship until 1387,’ he said.
He said in 1389, I got the second position in Olympic competitions and won a silver medal.
About his trips to foreign countries he said, I had attended in a competition held in Iran, where I could gain the second position and win a silver medal.
He said I had a professional boxing competition in Pakistan where I could defeat my rival, adding now, I exercise MMA under supervision of Master Baz Mohammad Mubarez.
About sport role in the society he said, ‘Sport can help us be healthy. Therefore, sport plays key role in our life, adding starting sport would help solve most of social challenges.’
About the challenges existed before athletes, he said, those athletes who are financially good and being supported by national traders would get improved, but unfortunately, those who are not financially good, would not improve.’
His message to youth was to exercise, because, sport is an investment that would remain with youth forever. At the end, he thanked Shamsul Rahman who has always supported the athletes.

Nangialay Osmani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.