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Spoilers should not be allowed to thwart peace efforts

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US Special Representative for Afghan Peace Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad has said spoilers always try to disrupt the peace process.
In a series of tweets, Khalilzad said: “As peace talks near, spoilers are becoming more desperate in their attempt to disrupt this historic opportunity. The attack on Amrullah Saleh’s convoys is the latest example.”
While denouncing Wednesday’s bombing in Kabul, the diplomat wrote: “Luckily, he (Saleh) survived. Tragically, this terrorist attack killed and wounded many bystanders.” He said history had shown that when the opportunity for peace was close, spoilers would go to any extent to try and stop it. However, the Afghans were not walking into their trap, he added.
“Afghans know a successful peace process is the only antidote to the country’s protracted conflict. Their widespread yearning for peace will be for the two negotiating teams and their leaders to satisfy,” the envoy continued.
Indeed, the Afghan people have been exceedingly appealed Taliban to announce ceasefire and put an end to the senseless conflicts in the country. In order to escape from actual peace demand, Taliban proposed the “violence reduction plan” during their talks with US, so that they could successfully deviated the public opinion from ceasefire to the violence reduction plan and signed their peace deal with the US administration in Doha.
But contrary to what have been committed during the talks with US, the Taliban continued their attacks against Afghan forces and even sparing no efforts to disrupt the peaceful life of the innocent civilians in the major cities through carrying IED and suicide attacks. Although they have time and again rejected their involvement in the recent attacks, but media reports show that their fighters have been attacking Afghan forces and local people in different provinces of the country.
Meanwhile there are spoilers that are seeking their vicious goals to be implemented so that to make the peace talks failed and the bloodshed and violence continue to kill the Afghan masses. The Wednesday attack against the first VP was carried out by such spoilers that never tolerate a developed and prosperous Afghanistan.
The Afghan government has always emphasized on an Afghan owned and Afghan led peace process that has not been realized yet. Announcement of reduction in violence by Taliban for a short period amid signing a withdrawal agreement with the United States means nothing for the Afghans.
To sincerely show their will for peace and stability of the war-torn country and to avoid further interreferences of the foreigners, the Taliban should give up war and pave the way for intra-Afghan talks. If they are truly concerned about people and the country, then it is of immense important for them to shun violence and join hand with the Afghan government in development of the country.
Taliban’s militancy has always prepared the ground for other terrorists to target and kill Afghans. The group’s militancy would continue to kill only Afghan people and the spoilers of the peace process would utilize the opportunity for their own, which is a devastated and unstable Afghanistan. To close doors for spoilers and their vicious goals, it is important that the warring sides put aside their differences and work for the welfare of people and country.

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