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‘Social media rumors against Afghan noble traditions’

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KABUL: The Ministry of Information and Culture, in a statement on Monday, strongly rejected as baseless what it described a social media rumor toward the acting minister Hasina Safi’s allegedly announcement of a ban on the traditional chadari (a type of full face- to toe burqa) by the Afghan women.
The statement quoted the acting and nominee minister of information and culture to say that she was strongly committed to the country’s accepted traditions, under the sacred religious teachings and noble Afghan culture.
“Ms. Safi, since the beginning of her tenure as the acting and nominee minister of information and culture has tried to further popularize the country’s accepted traditions,” said the statement.
The statement blamed those ominous circles who wanted to create obstacles before the popularization of the country’s noble traditions and culture, are spreading rumor to disturb the pubic minds. “Such behaviors have clearly been described in the mass media law.”
Those circles fueling such baseless rumor will embarrass like those who are trying to prevent the country’s progress.
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