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Six artist sisters illustrate Kandahar social problem

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By: Karima Malikzada

Painting is one of the most important and popular arts that has attracted attention of many people for long times. Six sisters in Kandahar province have been performing artistic activities. Since three years, these six sister have been displaying their works on social inequalities in Kandahar and managed to influence large number of people.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Arezo Sherzad the elder sister, said following graduation from High School, I attended English courses as there I learned about art of painting and due to my enthusiast, I admitted to a painting course too and beside painting learned the calligraphy, decoration, miniature, pencil painting and managed to paint 150 works. My works include social problems, historical works, devastations, rebuilding, photos of Afghan ex-leaders and presidents. Beside calligraphy I an acquainted with four kinds of writing. We six sisters learned this course in three years free of charge.

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Talking on the access of her five sisters, Sherzad added, my sisters Maleha is studying computer science as she has already learned miniature, Samira is a student of 12th grade and also has access to miniature painting, Samira is a student of 9th grade and painter of natural beauties.
Talking on her goal, this skilled female artist said, my goal behind learning of painting art is to send my message house to house to all sisters in Kandahar because here majority of ladies and women can’t raise their voice against social problems. I saw all these problems personally that how women tolerate them. So I decided to illustrate them. When you look at them, the paintings talk to you and send a message to visitor.
She went on to say, when we six sisters appeared on TV screen, large number of sisters watched us and referred to painting course. Most of them said that their parents allowed them to learn painting.
Sherzad added, in the last three year we organized two painting exhibitions, the first in Kandahar and the second in capital Kabul and we were appreciated by president Ashraf Ghani and first lady. It should be said that we plan to organize another painting fair in near future.
Talking on her plans, Sherzad said, I plan and try to be a pride and an example to all Afghan people through art of painting. I want to encourage other women and girls to be involved in art. Girls of Kandahar are capable to play positive role in social affairs.
Director of Kandahar provincial department of information and culture Hekmatullah said, our department carry out fruitful activities in the field of fine arts and paves the way for teachers and students and has established a proper place for girls to learn art.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.