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Sit-in tent set up near the Russian embassy


Following the US embassy, the popular peace movement set up sit-in- tent near the Russian embassy in Kabul.
Talking on this issue, the movement leader Iqbal Kheyber said, we want the people of Russia to play role in restoration of peace in Afghanistan instead to help Taliban and others who are fighting the Afghan government. They send money and weapons to these warriors to fan up Afghan civil war. According to available reports, we have certain proves of our claim.
Kheyber added, we plan to set up sit-in-tents near Pakistan, UK and Iran embassies too respectively.
In the outset, popular movement for peace was started from Helmand volatile province and its members traversing hundreds kilometers, arrived in Kabul ultimately on June 18.2018. on their way to Kabul, dozens enthusiasts joined them in different provinces.
They met president Ashraf Ghani and already set up sit-in-tents near the UN compound and US embassy. Peace activists from Afghan refugees in Peshawar as well as from Logar and Kundar had also joined them. They said they hope during their upcoming sit-in-tent near Pakistan embassy, thousands peace activists would join them.
The members of peace movement said that their main goal is to force some countries who are directly involved in Afghanistan crisis, to give up involvement and don’t create disagreement and separation among Afghans. They added, the movement has revived the sense of peace appeal among people and civil society and political parties are with them and take part for supply of food beside people traders, private companies and a number of private hospitals support them in case of need.
Commenting on this issue, lecturer of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Kabul University, Dr. Wadir Safi called this first popular peace movement in four decades as spontaneous and opinionated aroused from the war-hit society and believes that this move could be effective for implementation of peace.
He added, whenever people rush to streets, no one could prevent it. This is the most strong gesture for restoration of peace. It is indicator of sincere desire of Afghan people.
This is the storm of Afghan people that should culminate in implementation of peace.
The popular peace movement set up a committee to mediate between the government and Taliban. But the Taliban rejected direct talks with the Afghan government in their recent statement on Friday, said that in presence of foreign troops they are not enthusiast of such negotiations.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, welcoming the spontaneous peace movement, the inhabitants of capital city said that it is a pleasure that our people specially the inhabitants of provinces show sincere desire for peace and salvation of Afghanistan from devastating wars.
Nasir Ahmad and Yelda two inhabitants of capital Kabul said, since long times the flames of wars have been devastating all the assets of Afghan people. Our people no longer tolerate it. Everybody old, young welcome this popular movement and express solidarity with them.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.