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Shukria’s Part in fighting COVID-19

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Ms. Shukria, 24 is the Deputy Head of Nakarabad Community Development Council (CDC) in Shabirghan, center of Jawzjan province. After she participated at a Coronavirus Awareness Campaign conducted by the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD/CCNPP), she knew the serious threats posed to human by this deadliest virus. She learned how to prevent and fight against this pandemic disease that can spread throughout a large area unless prevention instructions are considered carefully.

The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program is conducting Public Awareness Sessions for the key members of Community Development Councils (CDCs) and Mosque Mullahs for around 12,000 communities in 123 districts and communicate the messages around prevention ofand coping with Coronavirus. Then these sessions are cascaded by the CDCs members to other rural residents through small gatherings where social distancing and other health care guidelines are observed. The Mullahs also announce these guidelines and messages through the Mosques loudspeakers so everyone can access to it.

Shukria says, the awareness campaign helped her think about assisting the poor residents of the village.  She came with an idea to play a role in protecting the villagers against the virus by sewing masks and free distribution.

Now Shukria sews around 100 masks daily. So far, she has been able to distribute around 1,000 masks free of charge to the villagers who are suffering financial difficulties.

    “During the campaign we came to know to take the danger of Coronavirus seriously. One of the ways to protect and combat this deadly contagious disease is wearing masks. Most of the residents in our community cannot afford to buy masks. It is also short in the market these days. Together, with four others, we started to help the residents by distributing free masks.” Says Shukria.

Shukria added that her plan is to train more women in the village on sewingmasks as she sees this an effort to prevent the pandemic outbreak of this virus.  

Nakarabad CDC is consisted of 30 members, half of which are female. Shukria has been quoted by other members as one of the reliablefemale members who tirelessly tries to offer any social support and initiatives for the sake of her community’s well-being.

It is worth mentioning that the Citizens’ Charter National Program of MRRD has so far covered around 9,500 communities through the public awareness campaigns on that is welcomed the villagers.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.