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“ Shaheed Gen. Razeq was a vivid symbol of coordination with international partners,” President Ghani

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KABUL: During a meeting with Kandahar elders, President Ghani assured them of all-out investigation on recent terrorist attack taken place in that province, naming Hamid Karzai Airport’s Square and Kandahar Police Academy after Shaheed Gen. Razeq and construction of his mausoleum, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Tuesday.
President Ghani said, “Shaheed Gen. Razeq was not a person, but an entity and vivid symbol of coordination with international alliances,” the statement further said.
To honor his efforts, Hamid Kazai Airport’s Square and Kandahar Police Academy would be named after him and the construction work of his mausoleum would be soon started, the statement added.
Instructing the relevant organs on all-out investigation on Kandahar terrorist attack that resulted in martyrdom of Gen. Razeq, the president said the defeated enemies were making effort to create discord and scratch our international relations, but the grandsons of Mirwais Nika and Ahmad Shah Baba would never let them succeed in their vicious goals, the statement continued.
He also thanked vast participation of Kandahar people in the parliamentary elections.
Furthermore, head of Kandahar provincial council, Sayed Jan Kharezwal, presidential special representative on peace affairs in Kandahar province, Massoud Akhundzada and Ataullah Haqbin presented their suggestions on increasing the structure of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ stationed in that province and attention to their supporting and strengthening as well as prevention of any types of interferences in parliamentary elections’ results.
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