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Shah Du Shamshira mosque reconstruction costs 23m Afghanis

شاه دوشمشیره 2

By: Karima Malikzada

KABUL: As per a presidential order, the repairing of Shah Du Shamshira mosque was handed over to Ministry of Urban Development and Land and the ministry could repair the ancient mosuq with a total amont of 23 million Afghanis.
In a conversation with The Kabul Times reporter, Director of Historical Monuments Department of MoUD, Ali Farhad Bayat said, for repairing of the mosque, efforts have been made to take into consideration all national and international laws and solutions for rebuilding of the historical mosque to maintain its originality and high quality.

بیاد رئیس در مورد شاه دوشمشیره ولی
“Our department has brought no change in original map and outdoor looking of the mosque and has tried to repair and rebuild it according to principle of minimal interference and the main background of this glorious mosque has been preserved. But at the same time some systems of the mosque have been renewed,” he added.
Bayat went on to say, the mosque has two floors each with a capacity of 200 prayers and its yard has also the capacity of 300 prayers and according to him 700 prayers can pray at the same time in this mosque.
Talking on the involvement of the number of skilled experts and engineers for rebuilding of the mosque, Bayat said: “In this project over 10 experienced and skilled architects and experts were involved who had over 20 years experiences of maintenance, permanent monitoring, electricity, mechanic and experts of Amonuments took active part.
He added, the original foundation stone of the mosque was laid down in 1306 solar year (1927) by late King Ghazi Amanullah Khan with a total area of 1192 square meters and the area of the main building includes 425 square meters in two floors. “Besides that, an ablution facility has also been built seven meters from the main building on the bank of Kabul river to meet the needs of prayers.” of denomination of the mosque, Bayat said: “During the invasion of Arab armies and their influence into Kabul, an Arab Commander who was called Lais Bin Qais was fighting with two sharps swore in both hands in this place and for this reason the mosque was named after him as Shah Du Shamshira. The architecture of the mosque and its ceiling wooden decorations have made this mosque eternal in public mind.”
Talking on the number of historical mosques which have been rebuilt or repaired so far, Bayat said: “So far our department has repaired and rehabilitated Pul-e-Kheshti mosque, first phase of Herat Grand Mosque, Maaz bin Jabal mosque in Kabul, Mir Hazar mosque in Kandahar, Bagh-e-Bala palace, the mosque of Kherqa Martyrs and park of flag monument on Wazir Akbar Khan hill”.
Bayat also said: “Our ongoing projects include repairing and rebuilding of Mazar-e-Sharif mosque and Hazrat Ali Shine, rebuilding of Sayed Jamaluddin mausoleum in Kabul university, repairing of second phase of Herat Grand mosque, construction of Parwan mosque, repairing and rebuilding of Sayed Ismaeel Balkhi mausoleum in Kabul, repairing and rebuilding of Hindus Pirtanat Daramsal in Ghazni, construction of parking lots and greenery of the mosque in Herat, rebuilding and repairing of Noorul Islam mosque in Kabul and rebuilding and repairing of Mir Hashim mausoleum in Bamyan.”
Talking on their future plans he said: “Next year our department plans to undertake repairing and rebuilding of the following projects: Repairing of Pul-e-Khessti mosque, Haram Sarai of Kandahar, Ghousi mosque in Badakhshan, Herat Grand mosque (phase of basic measures), first phase of rebuilding and repairing of a cultural center adjacent to parliament, construction project of Al-Beruni mausoleum, repairing and rebuilding of Gardaz Balla Hissar and repairing and rebuilding of Ahmad Shah Baba house in Kandahar.”
Sayed Jamal one of the prayers of Shah Du Shamshira mosque said, that for 30 years he has been praying in the mosque and before this mosque was in traditional situation but now it has been repaired in modern way with every facility for prayers. “It is better to repair and rebuilt all mosques. It is our religious obligation to keep this and other mosques clean.”

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