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Sewers should be rehabilitated to address water problem

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In world level especially in Afghanistan with passing each day water gets much importance that as a result of shortage of this vital element some skirmishes have been occurred among a number of countries on ownership of water resources.
Climate changes, reduction of rainfall, incorrect use of water resources as well as pollution of its reservoirs added to the problems of shortage of this vital element and its shortage threatens seriously Afghanistan especially the residents of Kabul city.
Kabul city has surface and underground water resources that effects more on the course of its history. Traditional use of water resources of Kabul city if were taken place in coordination with nature and healthy management, this not only could cause the Kabul to be changed into a beautiful city in the past but it could cause this city to be changed into a center of agricultural products and into a hub of commerce and culture in the region.
But within recent four decades, because of civil wars that is continuing so far, the situation of hydro-geologic and surface and under ground resources of water in the submergible zones of Logar, Kabul and Paghman have been changed and suffered much qualitative and quantitatively.
These negative changes along with mistakes took place in connection with water resources all over the zone of Kabul water, majority of these resources have been polluted because of penetration of sewages, chemical and biological materials.
As to remove these problems there are various methods that with resorting to them, we can prevent from pollution of water or at least its expansion to be curbed.
One of the importance of this issue is this that the resources of water is insufficient for its residential people, and on the other shortage of rainfall and increasing of population, unhealthy use of water and lack of healthy management from these water resources along with climate changes adds more on problems of shortage of water in the city.
Short-term measures needed to reduce the problems of water shortage.
Construction of Shah-Toot water dam, in Tangi Sayeedan and building of water falls on Kabul river for feeding-up of underground water resources within season of raining, prevention from wastages of water and healthy management of these water resources is a must.
As these measures are not sufficient to solve daily-increasing need of water in the capital city, Kabul, so long-term programs would help solve the problems of water shortage.
For example: with extending of a quantity of water of upper zones of Kokcha and Helmand rivers to the low level zone of Kabul, the problem of shortage of water in Kabul would be solved in some extent.
Likewise, with utility from low-level zone of Kapisa and Parwan provinces’, rivers such as rivers of Panjsher, Salang and Ghorband, the shortage of water would be recompensed.
Despite this, the latter zone has great underground water resources that be used in Kabul zone and reduce the problem of water shortage.
If these short and long-term measures be adopted, the number of population be increased in such a manner and climate change to have another droughts behind, the water resources of Kabul zone would reduce in a high level and the human great tragedy would threat Kabul citizens.
Before occurrence of such human tragedy, water dams should be built and surface and underground waters should be reserved in it so that the wells and sewers be rehabilitated again.
Sewers have historical background in Afghanistan.
It is indicator of ancient art of this country that with coordination with nature and using of underground water has been developed.
But, as a result of droughts, unhealthy use of sewers, digging of deep wells etc. and other calamities as well as non-control, they remained inactive and dried.
Previously, in Afghanistan with benefiting from about 7000 sewers, from 160000 to 170000 hectares of land were irrigating and millions people were drinking and using potable water. With cleaning of sewers it is possible the same to be rehabilitated in Kabul and other provinces of the country and with using modern technology that has low expenditure, the sewers be cleaned and rehabilitated again.
This would blossom agricultural economy and numerous employment be provided for unemployed.
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