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Separation of clean from unclean ballots a must

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Discussions have been underway nowadays in media and civic-political circles that parliamentary elections of Oct 20-21 have not been sans loyal and lawful problems including electoral frauds and violations.
A number of candidates pointing some shortages during two days voting in polling stations, intend to pave the way that if tomorrow it was proved that their real vote was not adaptable with criterion, they would launch propaganda and create problems and disputes.
It requires that the IEC and ECC should take serious and necessary steps adaptable with people expectations and available mechanisms and procedures and separate and distinguish right from wrong ballots in such a way to pave the way for convincing of public opinion that would be a clear response against current concerns, give the right to deserving individuals and prevent violation and influencing of those who failed to gain trust of people into parliament.
This need is felt from this reason that no separation of right from wrong ballots which have been cast through fraud and violation and this would result in three following consequences: It would deprive those who are deserving to open their way into parliament who have won essential vote, from their legal right, second, it would cause opening the way into parliament of those who have not won trust of people and are not deserving and its in fact a treason to people and strongly damages people trust to IEC and ECC. Third, it would cause post-election problems and disputes, general instability and jeopardizes the country’s stability and security.
It is the responsibility of IEC to precisely assess the claimed frauds and violations based on its procedures and available laws, quarantine the suspected boxes, nullify the wrong ballots, identify the valid ballots and insert them into their system and introduce the deserving and eligible winners to people.
In the next step, it’s the job of ECC to precisely assess the revealed results by IEC, make necessary decision, invalid the wrong ballots and separate the right ones.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.