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Senators stressing on implementation of development projects in villages

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A number of senators at the upper house of the parliament have stressed on execution of development projects in villages and asked for people’s cooperation to maintain the projects security.
This comes as the minister of rural rehabilitation and development has recently been summoned to senate to present information about the projects’ progress.
Minister Mujibulrahman Karimi told the senate that 65 percent of his ministry’s development budget has been spent so far and the figure would reach to 85 percent by the end of current fiscal year.
He said since the beginning of this year, 498 projects of the ministry worth $51 million has been completed in 34 provinces and work is ongoing on other 4092 projects.
According to him, 199 projects on transport section worth $37 million, 219 projects on drinking water section in villages and other parts of the country have been wrapped up so far.
He added we are seriously making effort to complete the rest of projects.
The ministry of rural rehabilitation and development is responsible to construct 2700 schools related to the ministry of education, he went on to say.
Works on construction of schools have already been started in 17 provinces and on 17 other provinces would begin next year, he stated.
He said his ministry could receive $175 million World Bank assistance to construct the schools.
To improve the refugee families, the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development has established 5000 carpet factories which followed with good results, he continued.
Stressing that security threats are the biggest challenges to implement the development projects throughout the country, but despite that, most of our projects have been completed, Minister Karimi said.
At the same time, an economic expert Shir Ali Tazri told The Kabul Times that there is no doubt the villagers are in dire need of assistance, adding therefore, the people should benefit the projects being implemented by the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development.
Construction of schools, health clinics, agricultural sections and irrigation networks are among the uplift projects that the people can practically and effectively use them, thus, the ministry of rural rehabilitation and development should pave the way to provide facilities to villagers, he added.
Therefore, senate should consider budget balance in implementation of development projects in villages.
Shukria Kohistani

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