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‘Self-legitimisation’: North Koreans vote for new parliament

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Millions of North Koreans are going to the polls on Sunday to elect roughly 700 members of the national legislature.
The elections, held every five years, are for the entire Supreme People’s Assembly, its rubber-stamp legislature.
There is only a single candidate registered for each constituency and, under North Korean law, citizens can vote from the age of 17. The elections will replace those picked in the first parliamentary elections under the current leader in March 2014.
The candidates are selected by the ruling Korean Workers’ Party and a couple of other smaller coalition parties – Social Democratic and Chondoist Chongu – that have seats in the assembly but exercise little independent power.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who recently held a second round of talks with US President Donald Trump in Vietnam, is the most prominent candidate and is running for re-election in his Pyongyang district.
The candidates include workers, farmers, intellectuals and soldiers striving to uphold leader Kim’s ideology and leadership, and backing his push for national development, Yonhap news agency reported citing North’s state media.
Voting is generally regarded as a duty and responsibility in North Korea. After the last election in 2014, North Korean state media reported a 99.97 percent voter turnout, and called it “an expression of the absolute support and trust of all voters in the DPRK government”. “The election will strikingly manifest the fixed will of our people to firmly trust and uphold to the last Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un despite storm and stress,” the ruling party’s official daily said in a commentary on Sunday.
“All the people have to fully display through the election the invincibility and might of the DPRK advancing by dint of the single-minded unity,” it said, using the acronym for the country’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

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