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Security vacuums should be removed

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In last three days, Ghazni city has been under attack of Taliban insurgents.A group of armed invaders belonging to Taliban targeted the city from several directions and tried to conquer a number of posts belonging to national security and defense forces of the country. Their attacks caused casualties and material losses to Ghazni residents.
The attacks of Taliban took place in a time that months before Ghazni people’s representatives in parliament as well as their representatives in provincial councils warned about enemies’ provocative activities and time and again spoke in official and non-official meetings and via media informed the authorities concerned and demanded defense and security forces to take serious steps for prevention of such attacks.
Taliban’s attacks failed, and the group couldn’t reach their vicious goals as a result of obstinate resistance of national and defense forces of the country and they compelled to retreat, and the invaders sustained heavy casualties and lost the positions they gained, but, at the same time this assault unveiled some shortcomings faced by security forces of the country and the vacuums available among them. Therefore,preventive measures needed to be adopted for not repeating of such incident.
We should know that Taliban didn’t organize such invading in one night, but it is clear that the group spent months to organize such attacks.They collected necessary information and ordered their forces quartering in other regions to come to Ghazni for performing such mission till they carried out the attack on Thursday and Friday nights.
What is now revealed that there were no programs by security forces to be aware about such vast attacks and by utility from such vacuum, Taliban surprisingly attacked on Ghazni city and even tried to capture vast areas of this city and inflicted casualties and material losses on Ghazni city and the residents.
The security and defense forces should take a good lesson from Ghazni attack and if there were such vacuum should be removed.
Following the incident occurred in Ghazni city, Faryab and Farah provinces in this year and Kunduz, Helmand and Uruzgan provinces last year faced the same problems and the residents forced to flee and a band one their houses due to war and violence.
In the light of the recent attacks and violence in some parts of the country, the government of Afghanistan seeking ways to bring peace and stability in the country through negotiations with Taliban. Recently US delegations reportedly met with Taliban representatives in Qatar to facilitate talks with Afghan government.
But Taliban think they have upper hand in war and can get some achievements from battlefield, so they attacked Ghazni city. Afghans might be witnesses Taliban’s such attacks in the future in other parts of the country and it is necessary the security and defense forces to have their own preparedness to counter these mercenaries of aliens and enemies of Islam and our people in their possible attacks and from now should think in the connection.
The existed vacuums and vulnerable points should be recognized, and preventive measures should be adopted against other possible attacks. These programs should correctly be drafted.The enemies including Taliban should know that Afghanistan is a united and unique land and there is no place for feudalism and several sovereignties.
Taliban and other groupings should be understood that the peaceable policy of government of Afghanistan is not the sign of its weakness and beside that is searching for peace and is completely ready to prevent every invading forces and also would stand strongly against those groupings that wanted to disturb normal life of people.

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