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Security of ‘holy places’ should be maintained


On Friday, two suicide attackers targeted a mosque in Gardez city, the capital of Paktia province that as a result, over 25 people were martyred, and more than 40 others injured.Although so far, no one has taken the responsibility for attack, but the government of Afghanistan in such events regarding the enemies of Afghanistan, mainly Taliban and the so-called IS militantsbehind such incidents.
Previously, the so-called IS militants took responsibility for attacking on religious places, but so far, nothing has been mentioned about presence of Daesh in south and south-east provinces of the country. This group is more active in eastern province of Nangarhar, Jowzjan and Sar-e-Pul provinces.
Terrorists have neither fear about murdering and injuring of civilians nor honoring the holy places. With committing such inhumane and anti-Islamic acts, these groupings toshow their presence, improve their position for taking privilege in the possible course of peace negotiations as well as for showing of government weakness, its security and defense organs and weakening the system in public minds in Afghanistan, are ready to attack on holy places and martyr civilians, including children and women.
Previously, some international resources proclaimed that within last year, over 10000 civilians were killed and recently, further civilians were targeted in Nangarhar province and within last week as a result of a suicide attack on a training center of midwives in Nangarhar, tens of civilians were martyred and injured.
What is mentionable is that the government and its security organs are responsible for maintaining security of public places, including holy ones and it is importantthat necessary measures should be adopted in the connection so that the security of such holy places be maintained accurately.
Preventive measures should be adopted by security organs concerned so that such tragic events not to be occurred again.
Attacks on public and holy places and martyring innocent civilians and launching bloody incidents are the main and key policy of terrorists.The purpose of their such inhumane and anti-Islamic acts is the negation of immunity and weakening of government legality in public opinion.
With doing so, they want to show the government as weak and bring under question the capability of government in maintaining security and stability for people and with doing so, to make the government distrust and create distance between people and government.
The security and defense forces of the country from among them police should have correct and deep study about the potential and possible threats and investigate the vulnerable points such as public and holy places, education centers as well as public administrations where the commuting of our countrymen is more comparing other places and take in their hand effective measures so that the abovementioned areas’ security be ensured well and prevent from bloody events.

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