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Security institutions assure firm presidential elections security

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By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Security Institutions have assured of tightening security of the upcoming presidential election and calling it the top priority during the process expected to be held after two months.
National Security Advisor (NSA), Dr. Hamdullah Moheb has said that they have regular plan for holding security of the process as he assured a strong security plan for the forthcoming presidential election was the government priority.
He asked the security organs for fully taking security of the presidential election nominees, transferring sensitive electoral materials from the electoral offices and polling stations to the relevant areas.
The NSA also instructed them to take precaution security measures in the areas under militants’ threats.
Chairwoman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), Hawa Alam Nuristani has also asked the government for taking security of the poll.
Meanwhile, the electoral monitors expressing concern over the security of the process and ask the government to take effective action to ensure the security of the election candidates and the staffs.
Yusuf Rashid, head of Fair and Free Election of Afghanistan said: “Our expectation from the government was to pay full attention to the election security and pave the way for sure participation of the people in the process.”
He went on as saying that all polling stations should be given to the control of the security forces for sure security of the election and the voters.
Likewise, the government of Afghanistan said the time for the presidential election was ready and the government was committed for the holding the process in the scheduled time.
Efforts for security of the upcoming presidential elections are being made after the country’s president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that peace and election were the complementary of each other not alternative, so there is a need for both processes to advance in parallel.
People also believed that holding full security of the presidential election was a need and the government should do its best to ensure security of the process.
“We want to attend the presidential poll and vote for our favorite candidates, but we need security,” Farhad a Kabul citizen told The Kabul Times. 

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