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Security essential for inclusive and credible elections

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Election is a democratic movement which makes a significant landmark in a community. The citizens, who have been marginalized to decide on political issues, are supposed to play their vital roles in electing their president by going to election stations. Conducting election is the most democratic way which gives legitimacy to the power of a particular person. The main goal which is intended in election is to bring changes in political structure of a country in a democratic manner. 
But security has always been a major problem before holding of the safe and sound environment. Despite of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ efforts to pave the way for people to cast their votes for their desired candidates across the country, the militants, mainly Taliban has spared no efforts to disturb the democratic process and even chopped off fingers of the participants in some provinces during the recent parliamentary elections.
Despite of militants’ threats, the Afghan nation unitedly participated to the democratic processes and voted for their desired candidates in 2013 presidential elections and 2018 parliamentary elections. Afghan people has time and again confronted against militants’ vicious plans, but they have successfully bypassed it. Although Afghans are having firm will to participate in upcoming presidential elections, but its mandatory for security organs to further provide security for the participants and the candidates.
The Afghan security and defense institutions and the Resolute Support Mission unveiled plan for the upcoming presidential elections here yesterday. The plan was unveiled during a summit in Ministry of Defense in the presence of the acting Ministers of Defense and Interior and deputy chief of the National Directorate of Security.
The U.S. Ambassador to Kabul, Directors of the electoral commissions and representatives of the international organizations also participated in the summit.
According to security officials, the plan will be implemented in three phases, before the conduct of elections, during the day of elections and after the conduct of elections. The officials further added that plan also includes provision of security to presidential candidates.
Furthermore, the officials said considering the experience of the previous elections, the issues and gaps which existed in the past elections will be resolved during the upcoming presidential elections.
They also added that the plan will also be implementable if the runoff elections are conducted with the security institutions focusing to provide a peaceful environment for the conduct of the elections.
Elections are the most important national programs which determine future of the nation. Therefore, all measures should be taken to provide security for the participants and the candidates. Meanwhile people must be taught about the importance of elections as no good decision will be made in the darkness. They must know that nothing can replace election. The only alternatives to election are only war, sovereignty of ethnic and family-oriented system and overall social and political disorder.
The people of Afghanistan have experienced all those situations in past and have endured their bloody and harmful consequences. Undoubtedly, people do not want to repeat the unfortunate circumstances of the past. So, the only way to overcome the unpleasant situations is to promote the values of democracy and people’s awareness in the country.

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