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Sancharaki inaugurates photo exhibition in National Archive

۲۱اسد۱۳۹۷ افتتاح تما یشگاه عکس در ارژشیف ملی ع محمدود شاه 1

KABUL: Fazel Sancharaki, the Deputy Minister of Information and Culture on Publications Affairs, the other day has opened the photo exhibition in the National Archive, Bakhtar News Agency reported Monday.
Up to 100 of the old Kabul city photos have been displayed in the show, which is expected to continue for one week, said the agency.
The deputy minister speaking on the occasion, said: “Today’s photo exhibition features the past Kabul city face and remind the young generation with the past architectural and art relics of the ancient city and the ministry supports holding of such exhibition said the agency.
The National Archive Director, Mohammad Afsar Rahbin also spoke in the ceremony and said up to 100 pictures from the old Kabul city were displayed, a move which could be called a link between the old and new Kabul, recalling the life style and culture of the old Kabul city, the agency said.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.