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Saffron onion distributed to Ghor peasants


Department of Agriculture and Irrigation of Ghor province said that 8750kg Saffron onion have been distributed for peasants of five districts of Ghor including the provincial capital in current year.

Head of the department Abdul TawabTayeb said, the results of previous years researches on saffron cultivation in some districts were evaluated affirmative and therefore this year the above quantity of saffron onions were distributed.  

Tayeb added that saffron produced better results in Tolak and Saghar districts than Herat. Saffron applicants interests are very high with good outcome. In Saghar district every Jerib of land produced 2 kg saffron while in Herat the same area didn’t produce over one and half kg. I have discussed further support of peasants for saffron cultivation with the officials of the MoAIL.

He went on to say, we have suggested saffron for 1398 projects which were promised from Indian aids. I talked to advisor of the MoAIL on this issue and convinced them that saffron cultivation produces good results in Ghor.

Expressing pleasure on saffron outcome, the inhabitants of Ghor said, farmers should be encouraged for saffron production in order to prevent poppy cultivation.

Sometimes before, the officials of Ghor Counter Narcotics Department had said that eradication of poppy fields has not been implemented in this province and they have received no poppy alternative.

Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.